Is the drop rate of pet Slime so low?

After I have killed 55 enslavers, I got one slime drop so far.

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its a random pet drop and DQ have 25 Pet for higher chance or getting slime pet you can use monstet spawn boost

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it has high % chance to drop if u do enslaver quest kill 200enslaver(150 w/ accomplish perk) i already got 5 eternal slime

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I never got slime even a magic slime wont drop to me xD

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Same here. Can’t believe my rng luck. Max luck at 1012%. Not 1 slime let alone a legend pet after a week of farming challenge maps. Paid for boosts and still no slides or legend pets.

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i think luck doesnt affect pet rarity drop. only time i got slimes is when ever i do enslaver kill 150(accomplish perk).

enslaver feat has reward of random legend/eternal pet upon completion. so its impossible that u didnt get even a legend pet upon finish the feat/ or using monster spawn boost @Gromsch63

what boost are u using?

max luck is only at 931% w/ ephipany affix unless u open legend/eternal map it will inc a lot.

goldfind cap w/ ephipany is 1032%
droprate 250% w/ ephipany

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yeah pet drop doesn’t affect luck :smiley: only eternalized can affect pet drop xD

its fine even there is no pet slime drop as long as im having a other legend drop already got 2 legend pet :smile:

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My stats display 1012% for both luck and gold find. I have 4 perks and only need the shrine and hunter perks.

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Maybe that’s what I’m missing is the eternal set affix. Will have to hunt some more for that one. Thanks for the reply.

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your welcome happy to help you can also use a monster spawn boost so that every map enslavers will show up :wink:

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hmm i dont know how u manage to pump luck to 1k cuz even w/ ephipany lvl 35fortune
overcap luck stats on gear entering m3 heres the stat. 6perks(though only fortunate perk boost luck)

does adding a certain amount of luck on a hireling add a certain amount of luck ?

heres my eternal find rate when im hunting eternal pet.

though even with high % ull stil have time finding eternal(just pray for affixes to be great lol) @Gromsch63

edit: ithink i know now how u made ur luck 1k+. hero skill fortune on hireling can indeed inc ur overall luck (so ur hireling might have lvl 40 fortune in hero?)

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yeah always pray for a great affix to be with you hahaha

If its that hard I guess I’m lucky to get a legend slime in 5 minutes of downloading the update for it(ik I’m late) and it was a random drop,no enslaver quest(same way I got an eternal pet)

You need both characters to have good amount of luck. If you add luck on your main and it doesn’t increase, add more luck on hireling and it will increase. The cap is 1012 with epiphany 5 and the ascension.

Thanks Msiiek I was going to say the same. I have epiphany on both tools x5 and the ascension. I was following the fortune bringer build for a guide to boost both stats. The only boost your hireling can add is from the orange affixes and fortune and not from crystal affixes. Something to do with averaging across both toons. There’s so much info on these forums. I hope I got it right. But I do need to boost my eternal find %. Mines only at 300% so need eternal is ed set affix. How did you get it to 700 roykiyoy?

300 from ascension and 400 from eternalized 8 set (50 per rank)

Ah thankyou msilek

@Gromsch63 @Msiiek ok tnx for the info guys … thats why i thought luck on my main would be sufficient alone. is der exact luck needed for hireling in order to cap 1012% luck overall? since my main is already on max luck.

Check this build out roykiyoy.

It has a lot of info on farming etc and is what I used as a reference for luck and gold find when using 2 toons.
Hope it helps

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I got one on my second Enslayer.i think its not that low.