Is the possibility of getting eternal crystal legend pet >0%(more than zero percent) or =0%(no chance at all)?


I have just been wondering about this quite sometime now and I was just drooling just to imagine this possibility.


Crystal legend or eternal crystal legend pets don’t exist at all. At least not yet.


On that note fabled blade, etc,. Can’t be eternal crystal either, can they?




Thank you, twas curious.


You can craft a crystal affix with obsidian on.


Not on an eternal. On other items, yes! Eternals with crystal affixes are manually found by drops of dust crafts.


Fabled Blade…
@att: Lmao, doesn’t work


What heck of logic is this


Actually yes its possible. Only merlins imp pet can obtain a crystal affix though however its a bug and whenevr you do anything to the pet (equip, crystal, move bag slot) it looses its awesome affix and eventually learns a random epic affix

And if anyones wondering im not back yet, just bored right now :S


I know, I’ve crafted a couple with crystal affix.


Items that say they have a natural random epic affix cannot obtain crystal affixes (this was intended to prevent pets having crystal affixes) anything else can have its epic affixes upgraded to a crystal affix (one per item) even if its eternal, you just wont be able to re-role it though


In 6 months I found just one eternal pet


Lol you are already luck man, me over 1 year playing i only got 1. :expressionless:


Got 7 now :smile: .


For best results… make it your mission




Too obvious