Is the Twister Actually Good for High Levels?

My brother kept telling me that twister is going to suck and I should use meteor.But I hate meteor.
I love the twister.But still he is a level 99 with a lot of experience.I don’t know what to do.Should I keep the gauntlet and use instead of twister?And you don’t have to answer this part but does it beat the comet?
I want an answer from the actual Dungeon Quest Staff because I was told they basically answer everything in their forums.An answer from a lvl 99 gauntlet user would be nice.
Also I’m nearly done with my new game (I’m an 11 year old game developer)and I’m gonna post to u guys to check it out soon.It’s gonna be called HolyBlade and it’ll be an epic RPG!

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Twister has a different function than Meteor.

Meteor is good for burst DMG but Twister is amazing at repositioning enemies and Hits/sec. How good any skill is depends on the build you use.

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I want to see your game :))

I like twister as a way to group enemies and to avoid damage as well.

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Weaker than Meteor (basically a nuke), but has more hits per second, which means it can catch up to Meteor’s damage given enough time.

Weaker than Orb (low cooldown and very high hits per second), but has much larger AOE radius.

You can use it as a “projectile” too, since it can travel much, much farther than Orb (and Meteor of course).

Can clear TnT crates in a good distance.

Repositioning enemies is probably the most useful of among its traits.

I find it quite good, although it can probably never match Meteor and Orb in terms of DPS. Especially Meteor with Aftermath set. That combo is very devastating along with other proc skills/mods. Maybe buff Twister a bit by creating synergizing Set affixes, something like Meteor <-> Spell Sword and Orb <-> Reactor.

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the only thing i hate about twister is Moving straight to side way lol. and hate meteor much more than the other because if i off the auto target the meteor not hit enemy

Are you my brother. My brother feels the same like you! I find meteor better than any other skill for wizard’s but if you combine meteor with twister proc, mirror image from cosmic power and shatter with aftermath to reset cooldowns, you will be smashing enemies and players to even get to legend league as lvl99!! Get to floor 100! Get the ruby crystal and obsidian Crystal’s! If you do want to be like me. Another suggestion is use meteor proc while wearing golex gauntlet!! Definitley use cosmic power to make more twisters. Twister is good for high levels but best with other skills combined! Its a substitute for meteor if you cant get one! SEE MY AMAZING BUILD!! make up a golex gauntlet drudic build???

To answer your question, the skyfall comet beats the golex gauntlet unless you make up a really strong build so they balance each other out. In my experience, golex guantlet is good but not with the build im using, wands suck for me unless I add meteor or twister, swords also suck unless i add meteor or twister and thats it. Correct me if im wring but this is based on my experience

cant blame that lol. everyone have their own experience and opinion tho. while u like being god throwing meteor from sky. i like being demon poisoning serounding me and let them kill them self.

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My rogue uses a cataclysm ring, will that work well with aftermath? If so, I’m going to run out and jasper me one.

Also, I love whirlwind from the battle mage but I don’t care for charge, is there anyway for a rogue to get one without the other?

Thanks!It takes a lot of time especially since I have a storm of work ahead of me.In the library at lunch at school I felt tempted to work on it instead of doing my revision (it’s optional).