Is there a good build for Rogue Bow Type?

I tryed mrmaru build, but i see its dont too strong, i feel stuck in floor 1,1k+ ep8, ny atk its just around 800k-12m, without the coatweapon skill, the coatweapon skill, i got around 9-40M, the rogue also so week, its because glass cannon, i cant find a 100% weapon damage and 2 set number legend affixes, waste my gold alot to convert crystal now ik out of crystal , anyone can help me?

Spam floor 180-200 with max luck(650) and max item drop(200) i got 3 vacuus scipio 2 nadroji ring 1nadroji amulet and robe and also 1ragnarok just by spamming that floor,

Erm, if you’re farming for items, just spam lower levels, you don’t need to be in 1.1k floor for farming, it’s a waste of time/gold(for revives) in my opinion, people usually just climb that high just to see how far their builds can take them. If you read around the forums, you’ll see that most rare legends drop below 500. So yeah.


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:wink: Im looking for some build, not another :wink: thx for reply

You lucky I only got 1 nadroji robe, ragnarok, and munity for 5day farming

try explode afix with atk speed this is a early affix that i recommend