Is there a new enchant list for Ruby?

  1. I have noticed a few new enchants from Ruby. Is there a list of all the new ones?
  2. Is there then an updated list of what you cannot apply with Ruby?

about that. we’ll have to wait for @SteigerBox to give it to us when he’s nnot busy on the official 2.0 launch . =P

Let’s see if this formats well. The only newly added affix is Perseverance.

Can be rolled with Ruby

Summon Fury - Chance on attack to summon a Fury Minion
Summon Haste - Increases Move and Attack Speed of Minions
Item Drops - Increased item drop rate
Move Speed - Increased movement speed
Reflect Dmg - Reflect (rank)% MH DMG back at enemy when struck
Glasscannon - Increased DMG at the cost of total HP
AoE Range - Increased radius of area of effect spells in yards
(elemcritdmg) - (elemcritdmgeffect)
Resource Cost - Increased reduction of resource costs
Explosive - Attacks have a 5% chance to cause an explosion for (rank)% MH DMG
Summon DMG - Increased all DMG dealt by Summons
Summon HP - Increased all HP of Summons
Perseverance - Reduces DMG taken from all DoTs by (rank)%
Elemental Critical - Increases Toxic, Torrent, Freezing, Immolate and Orbit
Ignore Resist - Attacks ignore all enemy resists
Exp Gain - Increases Exp Gain by (rank)%
Frozen Immune - Cannot Be Frozen
Multi Attack - Adds (rank) additional attack for 50% DMG
Meteor Proc - Chance to Cast Meteor on Attack per Second
Orb Proc - Chance to Cast Orb on Attack per Second
Storm Proc - Chance to Cast Storm on Attack per Second
Twister Proc - Chance to Cast Twister on Attack per Second
Time Warp Proc - Chance to Cast Time Warp on Attack per Second
Earthshatter Proc - Chance to Cast Earthshatter on Attack per Second
Torrent Proc - Chance to Cast Torrent on Attack per Second
Throw Sword Proc - Chance to Cast Throw Sword on attack per Second
Bomb Proc - Chance to Cast Smoke Bomb on Attack per Second
Stealth Proc - Chance to Cast Stealth on Attack per Second
Mirror Image Proc - Chance to Cast Mirror Image on Attack per Second
Taunt Proc - Chance to Cast Taunt on Attack per Second
ShieldWall Proc - Chance to Cast Shield Wall on Attack per Second
Sprint Proc - Chance to Cast Sprint on Attack per Second
Coat Proc - Chance to Cast Coat Weapon on Attack per Second
BlinkStrike Proc - Chance to Cast Blink Strike on Attack per Second
Sentry Proc - Chance to Cast Sentry on Attack per Second
All Elementalist - Increased rank of all Elementalist {0148} talents by (rank)
All Arch Mage - Increased rank of all Arch Mage {0149} talents by (rank)
All Spiritmancer - Increased rank of all Spiritmancer {0150} talents by (rank)
All Champion - Increased rank of all Champion {0151} talents by (rank)
All Defender - Increased rank of all Defender {0152} talents by (rank)
All Berserker - Increased rank of all Berserker {0153} talents by (rank)
All Ranger - Increased rank of all Ranger {0139} talents by (rank)
All Pirate - Increased rank of all Pirate {0140} talents by (rank)
All Assassin - Increased rank of all Assassin {0141} talents by 1

Only Found on Legends

Mythology - Increases DMG of Mythic Skills by (rank)%
Slow Projectile - Slows the speed of all projectiles cast
Pickup Radius - Increases the range that items are picked up
Specialist - Chance to cast your Special skill for free 1 second after casting
Control Duration - Increases duration of your control impairing effects by (rank)%
In Control - Reduces duration of control impairing effects on you by (rank)%
Dmg to Elites - Increased DMG dealt to Magic rarity and above enemies or players
Arc Dodge - Each dodge has a (rank)% chance to cast Arc on a nearby enemy
Strength - Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of [Skills.17-Name]
Dexterity - Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of [Skills.18-Name]
Intelligence - Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of [Skills.19-Name]
Fortune - Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of [Skills.20-Name]
Element DMG % - Increases All (element) DMG Dealt
Weapon DMG % - Increased weapon DMG percent
Armor - Increased Armor Rating
Balance - Adds (rank)% Total HP and Total MP
Regeneration - Adds (rank)% Total HP Regen and Total MP Regen
Killswitch - Traps now explode for (rank)% OH DMG when destroyed
MP Absorb - (rank)% of DMG taken absorbed into MP
All Skills - Increases skill modifier power on gear by (rank)
Set Numbers + - Increases all set numbers on gear by (rank)
Clearcast - Chance for spells cast to be free
Mirrorcast - Chance for all spells cast to be copied
Chance to Blind - Chance to Blind enemies for 5-10 seconds
Chance to Knockback - Chance to Knockback enemies on attack
Fear Immune - Cannot Be Feared
Stun Immune - Cannot Be Stunned
Blind Immune - Cannot Be Blinded
All Talents - Increased rank of all talents by 1
Item Quantity - Increase amount of items that drop
Luck - Increases rarity of items that drop
Gold Find - Increases the amount of gold that drops
Mythstone Rarity - Increases the rarity of Mythstones that drop
Crystal Rarity - Increases the rarity of Crystals that drop
Golden Chests - All Chests in a Map become Golden Chests


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What is the difference between item drops (3rd item from the top in “can be rolled with ruby” list) and item quantity (6th item from the bottom in “only found on legends” list)?

@zarel Item Drops can be found on Legendary> Equipment, while Item Quantity can only be found on Legend> Maps.

Ahhh… I’m not sure why that didn’t register. Looking at the bottom of the 2nd list is all of the legend map affixes. Thanks.

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Updated list, Multi Attack can be rolled by ruby.