Is there a way to remove characters from the battle arena

I have four characters on my battle arena list how do I remove to 2 them. I couldn’t find any remove character tab.

You can’t remove your character from the Arena until season reset. Why would you want to anyway?

I can see a use case for this. You could be doing a rebuild and have reset your points and skills, along with unfinished gear.

I’d prefer that other people don’t get to wail on me while I’m in the middle of trying something different.

Nope, from what I understand, it doesn’t work like that. The arena saves the character you last FOUGHT with, along with the skills and items and everything it has on DURING that last fight. Meaning, if the last pvp you fought was equipped with epic items, even tho you change your equipment to legends during dungeons and stuff, the PVP record you still have is the one with epics, and that will be used as your “Away” character. It will only update once you fought again.

Because of this, there’s only one reason I could think of that would make someone want to remove their character from the list. And I’m sure most experienced people who’ve read this will know what I’m talking about. So, yeah.

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Thanks for the clarification!

Do you know how it is decided in 1v1 which character is chosen to fight against?

Is it random, chosen out of the characters that you’ve used in the arena? Or chosen randomly from characters you’ve used in 1v1?

Or is it the first character in order that you’ve used to fight in the arena?

I had 4 characters in the arena before I realized it saved them, 2 have lowsey gear. I didn’t want those 2 bringing my avg down. I thought it randomly chose a character saved in the arena, not the last one used.

@Aakla That reply was for dhenning’s 1st comment, explaining which “state” a character is saved in the arena. Now on the topic of how an “away” character is picked, I think it’s random as well, though I am not 100% sure about it.

Sadly, I have a weak character in my list, I’m gonna try to delete him and see if it removes him from the list, I’m gonna reply once I’ve done it later at home.

@dhenning As I said above, I think it’s random as well, but I cannot be sure, since I dont think there is a way to check your “defense” log.

Aah cool I replied after checking the update on my phone, all the posts are smooshed together so was hard to tell who was talking to who.

In 1v1 and 2v2, the characters fighting for you are the very last that you used in 1v1 or 2v2.

So let’s say you have pvped with Bob, Joe, and Mary, but fought last with Mary. Then everyone else will fight against Mary until you decide to use Bob or Joe again.

Hope that clears it up :smile:


@SteigerBox Cool. Thanks for clearing that up. Would’ve been awesome if we could see our “Defense Log” but thanks for this information, now I dont have to delete my underleveled character. Again, thanks a lot.

I agree, a defense log would be nice! Especially if you’re tweaking your team and AI and judging how well it’s doing. A first step might be to expose the AI’s win and loss rate, and add from there.

Glad to hear that you agree, I played hundreds of online mobile games, and have been to a lot of game forums, and this one has taken the cake for the most responsive staff ever at a gaming forums. Not trying to suck up or anything, Im just genuinely happy to receive replies from the developers themselves. So kudos to you sir, kudos.

Anyway, back to the topic, a Defense log of win/loss, then a good addition would be what damages you mostly receieved (Like in MOBA deathcap screens).

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[quote=“saintwave, post:12, topic:2924”]… Im just genuinely happy to receive replies from the developers themselves.

Great to hear :slight_smile:

In general I’m definitely up for exposing more and more information. The overall goal is to give you guys the best idea of how your AI fight, and more tools for improving their behavior yourselves ( combined with us improving the AI in general. )


I have another suggestion, I think the best to really understand how your AI is fighting would be to be able to fight them, like in a practice match


That’s a good idea… Would also work to be able to play a match and pick ai to control you while you just watch. That’s really ideal I think.

And we need an ai setting… Don’t move when enemy is In range, only spam attack. Drives me nuts watching my glass cannon run around.

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