Is there a way to set which AI is saved for arena

I find that arena will my current setup to be used as offline AI after I do a fresh install of the game. What is the process to save the current t AI without doing that? Is there a way to manually set an offline AI to be saved for battle?

Once your done setting up your ai… and enter arena again and fight with your current set up… thats the time it will save your ai settings

So if I go into AI screen it will save that setup as my offline character in arena? I don’t recall seeing the graphic after just going in and out of the AI screen.

I’m talking about the game saving your character to do battle in arena when offline. The game tells
me when this happens and I only see it happen once in a long while. I force it by reinstalling the game but would rather be able to do it more easily.

Nope like i said you tweak your ai settings … after that enter arena for 1 battle for it to save your current ai settings that you have tweaked…

So it doesn’t have to show this screen?

Well sinced you just uninstall and reinstall your dq yeah arena will tutorial thingy will pop up just like that… reminding you that blah blah your character will be saved once entered in arena… and its totally fine

O so it’s just a tip screen. Thanks for the clarification.

it will only show once