Is there any limits to stacking mythstones or crystals?

I don’t even use half of them. They’ re just setting in my bag taking up space.

Nope. They will only show up to 99 in their icons, but if you select them the info pane shows the actual count.

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Oh,so like the potions OK. I brought a stash space just for them,despite only having one char. I normally sell everything in my bags minus some legendary and stuff I use/switch out. I do intend to spend money on this game,dunno when though.

Dont just sell those legendaries ur not using if convert it it turn into random rare gems

I would highly recommend buying ALL the stash tabs. The dedicated crystal and Ms tabs are the best thing ever.
Converting it great but also keep in mind that 2.1 is coming and you will need gold to upgrade your character to the next rank of leveling. First stage is 5m (not much) but I feel it is going to ramp up pretty quickly :frowning:. So keep up a little gold savings.

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I didnt know theyre making it cost gold but good job ive been saving up anyway :smile:

Oh really? I’ll remember that next time,thanks.

The game will update automatically huh? And next lvl or ranking?