Is there any plans for pc port?

because i hate having to use android and i love this game but i hate constantly having to download bluestacks and blue stacks doesnt even support controllers that i want i have to use xpadder its a pain!

blue stacks is an android emulator by the way!


Welcome to the forum @alkire!

I am not sure if you are referring to the Dungeon Quest game by Shinybox Llc which is what this forum is intended for, but you will likely get a competent answer soon. Again, welcome.


if u want to play dq in pc you could try noxplayer or ldplayer
its a great emulator and it already has controller in it


I use Anbox on my Linux PC or laptop, but I guess there may be a Windows port as well. Its not really emulation but like a Native Linux distro + android dependancies. For better performance.

Another way is downloading Android x86.iso for your virtual machine or installing on a spare computer or USB/CD drive. Instead of bluestacks or nox. For me, I’d suggest a Free and Open Source version of those emulators (FOSS).

PC port would be interesting or even a figured out standard set of PC controls. As I find I have to adjust for specific builds in PvE or PvP. With mobile I’m used to either. Controller I’ve yet to test but that may be the best one for PC and mobile controls. Basically I use seperate binds for each build type or play style. My arena build with more taps requires a different set of keys than my farm build , a beginning build, a floor climber, etc.
This is even more true for PC vs Laptop keyboard layouts and mechanical vs membrane feels, layouts like TKL (tenkeyless) or 60%, type of monitor screen you have.

Android x86_64 - - for the more savvy pc users. Who know about virtual machine or comfortable installing OSes on a drive/2nd pc.

Anbox - - also for savvy users. Probably anybody who has a linux distro, since I’m unsure Windows uses it.

Otherwise use emulators as that’s easier. The overhead seems to not be so high as I could play well even on an Intel Atom. If your emulator is virtualising, i’d use Virtualbox or Vmware for better performance than bluestacks or Nox. As usual, enable Intel VT or AMD SVM in Bios so it detects virtualisation of your processor.

Virtualbox: -

Vmware: -

Another is QEMU but that ones the most advanced as far as virtulisation goes. Also Android x86 install does require using a terminal.

Easiest: VM/ emulators like bluestack, nox, etc. Find the best that works for you.

Somewhat advanced: installing Android x86 on a PC or Virtualbox/VMware software. Since android x86 uses terminal for partitoning. Lookup tutorials if you want. Better performance but more advanced.
You can use any Operating System for VMware and VirtualBox, relatively easy to setup. MacOS, Linux, Windows, etc. Doesn’t matter.

Installing Linux and setting up Anbox or using Qemu for best performance virtulisation. Again some tutorials up there on the net but this is the more adventurous or time consuming one. Even I haven’t fully done this part yet.

Btw I use arch :stuck_out_tongue: . - Just kidding. Gonna run Dungeon Quest on a Raspberry Pi as well, that should run great since its an ARM based system like many phones are.

Virtual machines are awesome. Enhances security in some forms and sandboxes OS like its just another program.


Windows upda- shuts down Virtualbox. Jokes on you windows :laughing: . Deletes VM and reinstalls instantly. Its amazing. Great for learning OSes like Linux ans MacOS as well as an option and too much time on your hands like I did instead of me playing DQ (I procrastinate by messing with computers and tech sometimes than actually play games).

Also yes this game still runs well on decade old smartphones like the S3 Mini I started with and learnt DQ with. It really does run on anything almost, so i’m not surprised it ran on any potato computer or beastly computer. Though the newer API support on DQ 3.1 is best with android 7 and above. Really android 9 on devices.
So really the overheads not a huge issue. Advantage is no battery to worry about.

Sees Oneplus 3 phone I have with 6GB ram: runs android VM in android and plays Dungeon Quest :smile: . Android is already like a Linux+ Java VM+dalvik cache too. So i’ll be running instead of 1 JVM, it’ll be 2. Maybe even 3-4 at once nested.

My general rule is most software I prefer FOSS (sometimes paid and open source, I don’t mind or PFOSS?) , games proprietary, sometimes open source. Use best tool for the job. Sometimes proprietary is better, other times open source. The difference matters less with games though.