Is there any way to stack crystals?

I have a bunch of crystals from my other characters and i was wondering if there is anyway to add them to the stacks i already have on my main? any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Converting them up while on your main will allow you to stack them with you crystals on your main :smile:

ah okay thank you :slight_smile: was hoping i would be able to just drag and drop and add them to the stack haha.

Unfortunately not :cry: buying the crystal stash will automatically stack all crystals across all characters however :smile:

sweet, that will be my next purchase when i have some extra to spend :slight_smile:

i posted on your duct tape build thread, by any chance could you take a look at my current setup and let me know where i can improve/upgrade?

Awesome :smile: and absolutely will do :+1:

thank you very much!

Glad to help out :smile:

Yes, you can. Move from Hireling to shared vault, then move from shared vault to Main… But you have to send it to the page same page you have the crystals, if you just move it to any page and sort, you’ll have 2 stacks… (Ex.: Have 1 Obsidian on page 1 and 1 on shared stash 1… Move it to page 1 and you’ll have a stack with 2 Obsidians. If you move to page 2, u’ll have 2 stacks with 1 each.)

sweet thanks for the heads up, worked for me :slight_smile:

But I suggest to buy the Premium Stashs and maybe even more chars to use their inventory. It’s way easier to farm if u have more space.

yeah i plan on buying the premium stashes just don’t have any extra money to spend this month, i tend to keep a lot of random eternals/legends so more space is always welcomed lol.