Is this a bug?

I’m using an Aftermath build on my wizard. I have in total 50% Meteor Proc. However, when I use shatter, Meteor gets cast 100% of the time while my other skills always cast 50% of the time. Is this a bug?

I think it’s not a bug coz of the aftermath , if you’re using shatter and meteor , they can reset each cooldown that’s why they called it spamming skill . You’re gonna click shatter then meteor then after casting meteor the shatter’s CD will reset ( vise versa )

Yes. There is a 100% chance to reset each others cooldowns since I have (4)Aftermath. I also have a total of 50% Meteor Proc in my gear. Here is the case however:

Whenever I use Blast (Gauntlet Primary), Meteor Proc activates 50% of the time.
Whenever I use Teleport (Orb Primary), Meteor Proc activates 50% of the time.
Whenever I use Meteor (Gauntlet Randomized Special), Meteor Proc activates 50% of the time.
But when I use Shatter (Orb Special), Meteor Proc activates 100% of the time.

So this certainly raises a question, right? Since I only have 50% Meteor Proc in total.

Procs usually casts in specials, but not Everytime . I think its not a bug,

Well, if that’s the case, I’m pretty lucky then since when I use Shatter, Metoer Proc activates which resets the cooldown of Shatter. Thanks anyway. :grin:

Yeah, that’s why they called aftermath a spamming skill and a continuous damage overall. Bcoz of that meteor and shatter + enigma and some procs too like twister+torrent or taunt for sucking all Mobs close to you then cast meteor = insta kill = more ghost Mobs :innocent: .