Is this a good build?

I am currently in floor 420+, just got it very easy to kill high rarity enemies, including mythic enemy (can kill in just 5 to 10 sec.)

The reason for this build is to; farm rare legend (crystal and eternal) while can climb up to thousand+ floor

Just now, I have 4 eternals with crystal affix (without buying) and every 2 other floor got some eternals and legends, and luckily, I got 3 eternals and 2 crystal in a single floor (just got it very lucky, hope it will happen again), and completed all legends that can be found from 1-100 including the two that base 4 sockets (got legend and eternal unreal hood)

My question is: do I can farm up until what possible floor?
:and do I need to change anything?

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I use some battle mage just to move so quickly, placing skulldraga in some point the leave it out as fast as I can

note: I have lvl 40 skullshield

Correction: all legends from 1-400 are completed

Great build… Advice put 3×100% elem crit damage and 3×100% fire damage in ur hat, ring, amulet and chest. Up to u where to put it. when finding 100%fire damage (since it cant be rolled via ruby) just look up to codex if ever you find some affixes such as 100% ice damage, or arcane damage etc just convert to fire and craft it. Floors 500+ should be easy farming for crystals and mythstones.