Is this Bug?

I already finished 200 floor and 2x on mythic 1 mode and mythic 2 and 3 but no other floors added like 201 or something. How to unlock floor 201+ ? Sorry im newbie just played in 2days. I dont know if thats max because when i see item making its like theres floor 250+ but mine is only 200 after beating ignis nothings added on floor. So i decide to ask here if this was already done or. Something happen… thanks.

No!!! does not a bugged…
just buy a map in store, and open it, and kill the CARTHO… and you can get a 201 map… and open it again, and it can give you a 202 map… and so and so for… just do what i have say…

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i main kill Cartho… not enslaver… sorry…


back to floor 200. then buy a map. open the map. then kill Cartho. he will give you Map 201. save more Larimar and Diamonds for this. for re-roll maps.


Thanks gonna try that. ,

your very welcome!!!

It worked ^^ im already at floor 275 thanks for the advice :blush: … Any mod or admin there? close this thread now ^^ or leave it like this to helped someone who have the same problem as mine :slight_smile:

just leave it… :star_struck: