Is this build still okay to use in 3.0 patch?

I’m asking some update to figure it out something because this build is posted 2 years ago. I wanna try immortal flintlock. I want his build so much. But, can you tell me if this still works in 3.0 patch? LOOK AT THIS

thanks to “Macon”

If you have any suggestions or build for farming kindly share with us. Thank you!

Ehhh its meh, needs improvement and/or updating…

If you take anything from it know this:
stealth lasts 1Second, the +40SkillStealth increases that by 400% to 5Seconds,
it has an in-built cooldown of 4Seconds. (no matter your CD reduction, you cannot re-activate it upon cast)
Default CD of stealth is 16 seconds (16 with 70%CD=4.8)
Therefore- for rogue immortality, you need: +20StealthSkill on gear, epiphany(4 or 5), >70%CD reduction (not>75%!) & a total of 50% dodge however you wanna obtain that…

That means your forever stealthed, your initial damage is forever halved and your movement speed is forever increased by 40%.

As for improvements, just swap ascendant & arcanist for momentum & trickster, add one+5000WD to OH.


I’ll take note of that. Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:

Another clarification, uhm… should I use epiphany set instead of adventurer set?

One thing…
Should I equip Veil for stealth? because in his build he used trap. I don’t understand bro. Why he used trap in his OH? Since he got +40 skill stealth it can be possible to become active without Veil in your OH? or I need “Stealth Proc”? to activate?

Get epiphany on the amulet and instead just change the OH to trickster (forget momentum). Keep the nadroji, crystalline, eternalised and adventurer, but dont worry about the pathfinder on pet too much.

The amber crystal allows for changing special skills of weapons, thats how he has stealth on his trap

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