Is this for real?

Uhmm… It’s kinda bit confusing but my question is “what skills do you click? The charge from MH or vault from OH?”

Both :joy:
while charge is on cooldown, you use vault.
While vault is on cooldown, you use charge.

You also have the option to add an OH special that it will use too

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Ahh… but it’s so fast like that your Vault skills has a 0.1 second cooldown, do you click both skills quickly? :joy:

Yes exactly, you click both skills very fast (like left, right, left, right, very fast)

If i remember correctly, both skills have an attack speed of 1 hit per second and a hidden internal cooldown of like 0.5 seconds… obviously in arena trying to reduce those with AttackSpd and CoodDown reduction is pretty inefficient, - so you use another skill while it’s on cooldown

Just a question of my own, does anyone know if Mirror Image can apply Charge damage? Specifically it’s elemental effect, like can i freeze a target with a mirror image but have Shock MH damage?
I assume it can because charge is technically an aoe

Im asking because i want an OH special to cast while spamming Charge and Vault… and if i can freeze the target, i can benefit from Frostbiting too :grin:


The way you build at your hireling are so painful enough but putting it some armor or all resist will make it so tanky and a little bit itchy haha :joy:

Its max armour lol, its because the resist is low, and you probably have flat elemental damage, like +5000


Oh yeah Mr. Dickwad I won against you last night :joy:

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