Is this good?

I’m always fascinated why everyone now has 2b gold

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Hahaha then asking “is. This good?” XD

Well I know it is rare but… Idk if I should use or not :V

It is definitely good. Its a rare item to find but with that dq mod u just downloaded its pretty easy to find it. Paired with the right affixes that will be OP.

What? I don’t have any mods.

Clearly you would know if thats a good item if u really grind that much gold hahaha

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I have never gotten that item. I was just wondering if it was useful. Dang. Don’t make random assumptions.

Hahaha good luck have fun. U have never gotten that item? Where did ypu find that picture then?.

Ugh. I meant I haven’t gotten it before now.

Well nase from my experience herey i am not assuming i KNOW that thats a mod

You don’t KNOW it is a mod because it isn’t.

Hahahahahah its ok im not judging plus this is an off line game no worries!

when this guys has ., 2b+ gold and a Premium User., hahah SO RICH or MODS hahah

2B gold is easy by legit means. Inventory doesn’t show more than 2B gold though so he probably has much more.

So you played so much to get 2b gold and your asking if it’s good…
By that time you got 2b you should’ve known that it’s good or not…
Well…Who am i to judge for playing this game for 3 years

If this is not a mod, why dont you post your DQ screenshot in battle and prove them your innocent