Is this good ?


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That bow is a decent weapon, but with the lack of meaningful Damage based affix like Weapon Dmg, the bow can never inflict its maximum damage.

You may want to look at bows such as Vacuus Scipio as an example.


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it looks like you are using it for Farming. I would take off the Epic (Orange) +20% Elemental (Poison) Damage and replace it with an Epic +100% Weapon Damage. your Guide Shot & Multi Shot will do 5x more damage than with +20% Poison. if you don’t have ED% on any other Items, you could put a +20% Poison on one of them. the WD increases your Weapons Damage 2x, and the +20% would increase the Poison Damage another +1.2x after the WD.

if you are using Pathfinder, make sure you have at least Dodge +50%, so you can get a good damage & damage resistance boost.

lastly, Weaken +60% or better is really good. if you have Ignore Resist, then take off Weaken, because IR cancels the benefits of Weaken.


I dont think I can mimic your way of explaining things so clear and well written as yours @Golem , guess I die xD jk

Thanks for helping me explain things :blush:


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no worries! I think that when a player asks such an open ended question, I try to cover as many bases as I can. the more specific a question, the more specific my help. when I was more of a noob, I would probably have asked what the Item is supposed to be good for. that way I could give one good answer instead of four or five answers that might be unneeded, I think.

many new players aren’t sure what questions to ask, so I answer as many questions as I think they are asking. it helps that I have been playing and on the Forums for a few years, but I still don’t know everything… yet :wink: !

you answer was also helpful for me, as I would have focused my answer on the Farming & Pathfinder. more damage means killing monsters faster, which is good because the faster you kill a monster, the more loot it drops, which is good for a Farm Build. also, dead monsters can’t kill you, which is good for any Build! :laughing: !! and later, when @Saiadi21 is ready to use other Items, you have mentioned the Vacuus Scipio for him to check out later.

so please don’t :skull_and_crossbones: !!


Thanks guys :grin:

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What affixes should I have on vacuus Scipio if I do find it ?

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Something like this:

Those affixes don’t look like they are great for damage though?. If we get a legend version then we can use crystals on it right?

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Also at what floor is the chance of getting it high . I am on 217 now

Yes and just don’t remove the Weapon DMG

this is a Post showing the Crafting limitations of Eternal Items, including Maps & Pets. all other Items don’t have these restrictions, except for Maps, which only Larimar & Diamond can be used, and Pets which only Calcite, Angelite, Quartz (don’t use this on any Item until you understand how it works, or you will regret it), Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, & Topaz can be used (it costs 5 Crystals for each use on a Pet. so if it takes you 5 tries to change a Pets Element from Ice to Fire, it will cost you 25 Calcite).

an Eternal Vacuus Scipio would only be good for a Build using Proc Skills for DPS.
yes, any Crystal can be used on Legend Items.
they can be found on floors past 100 on any difficulty by killing Powerful enemies (Epic+ monsters, Orange, Red, & Purple). Nadroji Set & high Luck can increase the chance of having it drop when defeating Powerful enemies. you just need lots of Epic, Legend, & Mythic Enemies to defeat! :crossed_swords: :skull_and_crossbones: