Issue to login

Hi, when I was about to save my account something appeared and says “New version of Dungeon Quest requires to login!”
But when i go to store it doesnt need to update, so I deleted the game and restsrt phone and reDownload but still the same issue. Please Help me!

I have the same issue. Can’t connect to see the compliance at all…even though internet works. I can’t play even offline.

it depends on the version of the game you are playing.

Android version - You need to download version from the google play store
Apple - you need to download version 3.0.7 from the Apple App Store
Amazon - this is not yet released.

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ahhh buffy and angel…good times!


For me it happened with the latest version. But now it works.

that new user agreement made me think of Big Brother from 1984 (read the book). I actually had to tell myself how much I like playing DQ before I clicked (Yes).
I guess I made a few mistakes yesterday, and wasn’t able to play DQ before going to sleep last night. but this morning during breakfast, with some Wi Fi, DQ started working again. still can’t check my Arena Rankings, but I think I might have to go into the Arena again before I can see my Rankings. haven’t checked yet, so will update when I can.

Edit: everything is working good now, so I can go back to bashing monsters in the deepest of dungeons. the only downside is that my MMR got so low, that when I went to the Arena, I was in Legend League. got up to Mythic League, and might be a bit before I can get to Eternal. I notice PVP Builds are a little tougher than the last time I fought in the Arena, so crafting a PVP Build to stay in Eternal is one of my new goals.


From the perspective of “private information” that we have on our end, the only thing we have is your email address.

We don’t track your ip address, we dont know what apps you have on your device, hell we don’t even know how many times you have actually played our game.

This whole GDPR thing and its broad language forced us into adding that message at the start of our game. Because they (the EU) say that an email address counts as personally identifiable information we are forced to make every user consent to creating a DQ account, which is their choice any way.

Email addresses are so random any way there is no way for anyone to know who you are based on just your email address.

If my email was that tells any company who has it…nothing. But since we are not in a position to argue against this piece of legislation, we were forced to make every single player (even if they don’t live in the EU…because as detailed above we have no way of knowing anything about our players) go through this process.

I didn’t want to spend* 3 weeks of development time and resources we could have spent on working on our follow up game trying to get DQ (which was made nearly 6 years ago at this point) updated to support it.

We had to make a decision, update our game, spend 3 weeks worth of resources (money) that we are not going to recoup to make sure all of our current DQ players can still play our game, or just close down the DQ Account server and wipe everyone’s data (which would have taken 3 hours tops). We thought was a crappy option so we decided to make sure we could support the DQ Account system by adhering to the requirements of the GDPR.


thanks @tdaniel for the great explanation. and I hope you and the DQ team that worked real hard to keep DQ awesome and fun get a great thank you note and a pat on the back for all your hard work. well, maybe a small bonus ($) and some ice cream :icecream: to celebrate the hard work and gratitude of happy players.
what I really like about this game is I can go at my own pace, and I can make it as easy or hard as I want, and there is enough depth to the game that I can’t help but think of all the cool builds to get my Toons to insanely high floors! and of course, get to First Place in the Arena so I can wear the Eternal Back Proudly. :sunglasses:


Yeah. That explanation was quite helpful.