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After exstensive play i have noticed several things. Im running on mythic 3 and im at level 110 i lm not getting anydrops no matter what i do. I have even tried to wear my lucky gear. Im not sure what is going on but after bout 20 hours in the dungeon i have only got one legendary upgrade which was minor. I usually dont even find legendaries or epics even when i use my lucky gear and the shrine buff. Am i doing something wrong or is something screwed up in the system?

try item drop?

What are your stats (Luck, Item Drop…)?
Make sure you run the latest Version, because there was a bug with the Luck stat in the prior 2.4.0 Version.

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My luck is 410. %
My gold drop is 400
What do you mean try item drop Eater? I didnt understand.
How do i update it ? It appears i have old version. I just reinstalled it. Seems googleplay store still has version 2.0

Check the version of your DQ application and if you have to, check play/apple store for updates.

Item Drop is an affix, that can be increased by putting Hero Points into the Heroic Skill “Fortune” or wear gear with the Legendary (Red) “Item Drop” Affix on it or insert the Mythstone “Fortune” into empty sockets on your gear. If you play with a hireling, you automatically loot more items, but this won’t be displayed in the stats page. The cap of Item Drop/Quantity is 200%.

Luck can be increased by putting Hero Points into the Heroic Skill Fortune, through Affixes on your gear as well as having the Nature ‘of Luck’ on your gear. There’s an Ascension Perk that increases your Luck only for drops/during calculation of drops (means: it won’t affect certain Set Affixes that are based on "%Luck etc.).


There is no update available
I just reinstalled everything and it says version 2.0

Check the version number in the appstore you want to be on version (on android at least in game it should say version 2.4 don’t know about apple or amazon)

Ya the googleplay store says you have version 2.0.1
But when you dl its 2.0 the link dont work either at bottom pf page

Yeah then you are a year behind right now if you’re on 2.0.1 try an uninstall (back up first obviously =P) and a download through googleplay

It didnt help when i click options and credits it still shows version 2.0 I have tried redownloading 3 times .

That is incredibly odd what device are you on?

Andriod. I just changed my level of difficuly to easy and it was same loot drops. And i need ti make correction it says version 2.4

Can you post a link that will allow me to get the update?

Then you should be good if it says 2.4 the best way to increase drops is going to be to get the legendary item drops affix as @CentraBPM said while luck effects quality item drops effects quantity :wink: :smile:

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Odd that very easy has same drops as mytical 3 as i have a full satire set and it dont help either

Nope not at all difficulty doesn’t affect the quality of item drops but they do give boosts to the stats that do but they still cap at the same numbers :smile:

After careful analysation of the game i believe there is coding in place from keeping players from advancing in either gear or pvp .It says the % of everything is suppose to be way high on mytical 3 i cant see how you can say they are bout the same unless you know the system is broke.
The reason i can say this is i have been running myical 3 challenge maps for last 50 levels. Tonight i noticed my loot drops changed. The pvp system is stuck because I noticed the players that were at 2200 last week now lost points for not winning rounds . so this put them at. 2100 where no one can really progess past. I have seen the same names in the last week just cycling around the same ranks. The leader board arent changing for that reason.

Are you referring to the Battle Arena Leaderboard or the regular Leaderboard?

In the regular rankings. There may just be alot of variables im not figuring in.