It Was A Good Idea Until I Crafted It

Epiphany, 2x Nadroji & 2x Nadroji Bonus, Spell Sword, Ascendant, Demonic, & Living Force.

+75% Clearcast, Arc, Discordance, & lots of Cool Down.

this was an attempt at a Farm Build that was a good idea, but didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. it was fun to use, but low on defense, so I died a lot. I didn’t have any Obsidian, so not much space for doing things right.

I really liked how Clearcast worked with Comet, then took off Spell Sword and used Twister instead. plus this is the first time I used Epiphany.

the bottom line is that I still have problems Crafting Discordance Builds, so back to the drawing board.


Best way to create a build is not to have multiple builds in your head. Start with your core skills as a framework. Then build around them.

Now if there are other skills you wish you had then look them up and see if they are available as procs and then my friend apply maths (which you are good at). I’m very lazy at academic stuff. One university tumour once wrote on some course work of mine " First class thinking but piss poor presentation ". My best friend who was the highest achiever on the course told me I was all the teachers favourite but frustrated them. She’s got a PhD in genetics now . I’m happy just earning a crap wage, getting old, going to the pub, playing Dq, watching films and listening to music. I have achieved everything I have wanted to and it was an anti climax. So I now enjoy a calmer existence.

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well, even if an idea looks good on paper after making a lot of corrections, it might still crash and burn in the Dungeon.

I have come to the conclusion that Farm Builds need to be kept simple, Climbing Builds can go in many different directions, Ascending Builds just need to kill monsters fast on floor M3 100-110 with +200% Experience, and PVP Builds are a headache!


PvP builds are not an headache @Golem :sunglasses: You know everything that you need to succeed at pvp. The one thing you have left to learn is to loose and then carry on. Okay I have yet to see the film but is my favourite star wars scene ever. I hope it helps


a powerful PVP Build is too much for me to Craft. (can you give me the proper Star Wars response? :innocent:)

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Answer: Crafting Difficulty Matters Not! (based on Yoda in Empire Strikes Back, when he tells Luke ‘Size Matters Not’ when Luke couldn’t lift the X-Wing from the Swamp).


Crafting … Difficult… it is not … if one with the force are you. :sunglasses: