It Was A Good Idea Until I Crafted It

Epiphany, 2x Nadroji & 2x Nadroji Bonus, Spell Sword, Ascendant, Demonic, & Living Force.

+75% Clearcast, Arc, Discordance, & lots of Cool Down.

this was an attempt at a Farm Build that was a good idea, but didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. it was fun to use, but low on defense, so I died a lot. I didn’t have any Obsidian, so not much space for doing things right.

I really liked how Clearcast worked with Comet, then took off Spell Sword and used Twister instead. plus this is the first time I used Epiphany.

the bottom line is that I still have problems Crafting Discordance Builds, so back to the drawing board.