Item Bonus Set Affixes and Companions / Hirelings (Eternalized, Nadroji, etc)

I know the standard luck/item drop/etc forumlas work by averaging the chance for you and your hireling and adding 100

How do the set +item formulas (eternalized, nadroji, etc) work when adding in hirelings?

Does it take the average of you and your companion (i.e. both of you need the item set to get the bonus)?
Does it simply add the two? (Both of you double the chance if you both have sets)?
Does it check who killed the actual mob and apply appropriate bonuses?

They only work on main char.


Yay! That’s exactly what I needed to know - I like it better this way - I don’t have to duplicate the set on my hireling this way.

Sorry for repeating the question - i figured it was asked somewhere, but searching thread titles got me nowhere >.< I’ll change the title of this thread so hopefully the next person searching will find it.

On a side note, what items does nadroji actually effect? The only ‘rare’ legendary set ability I actually have a hard time finding is, well, nadroji. All others, including crystalline/eternalized/etc. seem to drop farly regularly.

If the only set affix that nadroji actually helps to get is nadroji that would be rather amusing ideed. I imagine there’s other rare legendaries it effets, since I haven’t seen them all yet, but Nadroji is the only actual set affix that seems incredibly rare.

Nadroji increases the chance of obtaining those things with Unknown Location on them. Includes rare valuables and rare junk :laughing:

So Nadroji doesn’t help to drop Crystalline, Eternalized and Mythical Set items?
I say that because at in game Legendex says “Found past floor 350” and not “Location Unknown”.

In my experience, no. Personally they are pretty common drops past floor 350 compared to those legends with Location Unknown… but it’s not like I had an actual peep on the loot tables or something.

If someone with more technical knowledge or credibility claims otherwise, I’ll be happy to be corrected.