Item compares

So I have a simple question about item compares, I am assuming that when you are comparing 2 items, the red in the lets say DPS section means the item you selected does not have better DPS than the item you have equipped.

Now with that being said, I had a sword equipped on my warrior that had 1100DPS in the description and it was epic, I found another sword that was 1500DPs and also epic but it had other stats also. When I compared these it showed Red DPS and Green protect for the 1500DPS sword, how can that be if the sword has 400 more DPS on it? Do the compares take into account all the stats or am I just reading the compare colors wrong?



The DPS number on the item just represents that item alone, and doesn’t take your stats into consideration.

The compare window actually compares your stats before and after equipped the item to tell you if your character stats will increase.

Good day sir is it possible to locate the pet in the map just like in graveyard ran private server?
Secondly in dragonest a real- time online rpg it has a mailing systems that gives a player or character itself to send an item epic/legend etc including gold thru mail just by using their usernames or character names? If is possible

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Thanks if you will address my concern and suggestions…

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