Item drops

If an item drops and I then add Nadroji before I pick it up, will it increase the chance of rare item or is it already set in stone before I pick it up?

that’s a good question. maybe @tdaniel or another Dev might know. I personally think it’s set in stone, but you could test it if you can’t wait for a response…

my reasoning is that it’s having Nadroji Set on your Equipment to increase the chance of a Rare Legend Drop before it drops, so the drop on the ground wouldn’t be affected by Nadroji.

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Golem is correct. The currently dropped items (ones on the ground) would not be affected.


ahhh!!! if you could answer this…

  1. do Endow MS (on MH & OH) and/or Focus Talent add or multiply with Weapon Damage %?
  2. Astral Talent multiplies ED%? 1000 All Resist with Astral 20 would be +200% Ice x 1.1 = +220% Ice for example?

I often switch to Nadroji as soon as a Cartographer is killed. Items pouring out of the chest subsequent to the switch will yield the Nadroji effect, correct?

Probably safest to switch your gear right before you kill the Carto.

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  1. they’re additive
  2. im also pretty sure they’re additive, tho you can still cheese some big numbers from it
  1. sad. :cry:
  2. sad again. :cry: I’ve been working on some Astral numbers by multiplying and getting some good numbers. adding isn’t as high, but yes, can still :cheese: some big numbers.