Item list

Is there a way to see all available items with max stats not like on the wiki without digits …
Would be awesome if somebody knows a list :smiley:

The wiki shows the info about max stats. (with max values)

Affixes - Dungeon Quest

try refreshing your browser :smile:

ohh i think i didnt make the right question i dont want the affixes list
i want an item list of all ING Items so i can look for what item im going …
So i can see all items of Nadroji … or the items with high Dmg like Scorpion hatchet …

oh, ask the veteran players here (and the dqtesters) @cronos4321

no link for that, put a list of item you want to know the max affix

Legendex is all we got, then you can just refer to affix list to know the numeric value of each affix in the gear

yes there is a way to look an item with full number not like wiki or codex.

The only way to do so is by reading all affix max roll (link given already) play some for some experient. and open your codex, it will show without number, but your eyes will see it with number+Mythic+crystal lol.