Item Quality Suggestion

can we have the quality% of the item visible on first click? like visible in the small box right side? its really time consuming double clicking every item just to see if the quality is decent or not. im at the stage where i want to start making custom equips so it would really help knowing if the item is worth using or not

thank you

I thought the same thing, but then I just got used to being able to tell a decent armor piece by its armor value. It’s fairly easy for a Warrior, not sure about the other classes. But regardless, Quality % is a useful bit of info that would be nice to see at a quick glance.

can you share these tell tale signs?

can you share these tell tale signs?[/quote]
The armor value.

1000 armor is base, 0%, for a lvl 100 item. After that, your Quality adds 10 armor per, making the quality your middle 2 digits. i.e. 1050 armor is 5%, 1120 armor is 12%, 1200 would be 20% etc, etc.

For lower ilvl, you have 10 armor per as well. So a ilvl 90 with 0% quality is gonna read as a AR of 900. If you were to find a ilvl 88 with armor 980, thats 10% quality. 880 from ilvl, and another 100 (10 × 10) from quality. So basically you can eliminate anything that has armor that is lower than 10 × its ilvl. This can be done with the other classes too, but the math is quicker and easier as a Warrior.

It’s been awhile since I did this all the time, but I’m pretty sure it’s all correct, and I hope I explained it clearly.


Did you quote me, and then say nothing? You’re silly. :smile: