Item Recycler

From my experience, the game become more boring and frustrating when we search for 1 legend or eternal for weeks or months. It’ll just lead for player to stop playing.
My suggestion here is create a mechanic to recycle legend or eternal item.

Like this :
We put 3 or more Legend Item, and it’ll be recycled to 1 new Legend that’s not random, but it’ll be more likely a Legend within 1 sets or same rarity with the source.

Example :

  • Mutiny + Mutiny + Mutiny = 40%Mutiny / 40%Insolence / 20% Random Legend
  • Aether Brace + Aether Spark + Aether Warp = 20% Aether Brace / 20% Aether Warp / 20% Aether Spark / 20% Aether Cover / 20% Random Legend
  • Eternal Denial + Eternal Projection + Eternal Sublimation = 20% Eternal Denial / 20% Eternal Projection / 20% Eternal Sublimation / 20% Eternal Persona / 20% Random Eternal Legend.

So we can do more about our eternal item instead just Convert it into Crystal, when Crystal is less useful for old player because they have it so many and don’t know what to do with it.
I dont know maybe it can cost 1M gold or more, or we need 5 items to do recycle, but as long as it can become a new feature later, it’ll a great help to us.


I like the idea. Somethingnewsomethingnew (table beat) somethingnewsomethingnew

Interesting idea:)

Relatable. I was searching for nadroji chest for about 1 month now.

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for the item you want spam that floor for higher chance also put nadroji :smile:

I have 2 nadroji and shitton of itemluck

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Creative idea!

I like the item drop system in DQ. Makes it all the more gratifying when that item you been looking for finally drops.

There are ways to increase your chance to find ultra rare gear.

Here’s two examples:

I think ppl will always do that, spam the floor with nardoji, luck, and eternalized.
But, like in example, when you want a Persona to complete set, but you keep get either Sublimation, Projection, or Denial. When the place and the chance for them to drop is same.
If we can do recycle then if we have 3 sublimation, 3 denial, and 2 Projection, but no Persona, we can just keep each just 1, and recycle others.

lets wait for the the developer if this will be implement skill a good idea :wink:

my simple trick always woks on me

At the very least please give us an ‘Auto Sell’ option for loot of less than a certain rarity that is picked up. It would save so much farming time to not have to keep selling my inventories :slight_smile:

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A great idea. Somebody posted a similar idea a little while back suggesting updating the Imp so that you could set it to automatically sell certain loot rather than convert it.