Items gone after ascension

Hi there,

I just realized my problem today when I reached lvl 50 after buying the ascension package. I wanted to equip my items which I was farming with, but they were no where to be found. Checked all bags/stash my other heroes and they are completely gone :frowning:
Are there any way u guys can give me back my items? Or compensate in other ways, just so I don’t feel that it’s a complete loss at least.

I’m a quite casual gamer, LOVE the game though. Keep up the good work, Patch 2.1 is awesome so far!

Please contact the support:

Will do, thanks for the fast reply.

Came here to post about this. I was able to reach lvl 91 after my reset. The thing is i only lost my weapon.

I contacted them 2 days ago and no response

Hey! Please be patience. They will answer every email they get.

Okay, sorry