It's important to have goals in life

Finally reached 5k M3 (tried to upload a video, but it won’t let me for some reason):

Also, finally got around to crafting a hard-core damage redux PVP Warrior:

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congratulations on both!

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I’m kind of assuming that getting that last .1% is impossible…

part of the Armor & All Resist formulas is the floor level, so the higher the floor, the less effective they are.

it’s pretty good to have only 1% damage on floor 5k+ on M3, but 1% of Billions & Trillions of damage will still wreck the 698.7k HP.

did you check the Total Reduced Damage on lower Floors to see if you get 100%? I think I’ve seen a few builds on lower floors with 100% TRD.

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No, I didnt try that, I’ll check.

This is a PVP toon, my climber has lik 5hp.

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