Its not about equipments, Its all about skill and style

I say its not all about items and build ^^
Its all about skill and style ^^

My gear is mixed and all legend
And i defeated mythic and ethernal gear with fully costumized…

Can u suggest me what type or element is best for rogue instead of poison? Thanks

Still need for improvement…
All my equip are only legend and mixed affix
But all for dual purpose. Pvp and pve
Any advice ? Thats my current build. Should i improve it or find better? Because i encountered fully equipped with ethernal gear wizard and warriors and still manage to win. Suggestions ? My current main stats are Crt dmg+crt chance+hp+ element damage

many players like to use Ice or Shock Elements. Ice slows your enemy movement by 50% and reduces their attack by 25% while Shock increases the damage you do by 12.5% and stacks four times for +50% total damage. the Ice lasts 3 seconds after you stop hitting your opponent, and Shock lasts 5 seconds.

Eternal Items are powerful, because their Item Quality is +50% and all affixes except Crystal are doubled (Crystal affixes are already tripled), but many Crystals can’t be used on them. Legend Item affixes aren’t doubled, and Item Quality can only go up to +25%, which makes them less powerful, but you can use all Crystals on them. Power versus Versatility. here are the Crystals that can’t be used on Eternal Items. Mythic Items are made using a recipe of 4 Myth Stones to create a Mythic affix on an item.

eventually you will have enough Crystals to make a PVP Build that is only for fighting in the Battle Arena, and a Build for Farming in PVE, and later another Build for Climbing Floors (if you are interested in climbing floors).

do a search on PVP Builds to get an idea of affixes that work well in PVP, because there are some affixes that work better in PVP, and others that work better in PVE.

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As for hero points ,regardless of the build, strength and dexterity and intelligence. The only hero points that feel useful in PvP or pve. Hero points don’t apply to PvP apart from the ones I suggested. In PvP then fortune and your main offensive skill . Hope that helps.

@OniiChan dont use Eternal if i were you. also. no need to use Procs on PVP. better to invest more DMG/Power.

I dont use ethernal item. I fully equipped legend gear only and mix affix…
On my rogue i think my power is not necessary. Because my main affix was crt chance and crt damage plus boomerang and element damage,deadly strike and my ring affix has 99.6% ice dmg which give me more dmg on My normal dmg is like 23m per shot. But my crt damage reach 250m +150m hit by boomerang returned. My proc was coat weap which give me more dmg and blink proc which boost me to teleport in front of them and hit it with deadly dmg. Im Surprise thou when i enter at arena on my league. I always encountered character who got fully equipped with ethernal gear which i do 2hit them. Then high hp warrior with fully high equip gear i always kill them so easily. With my style gameplay (Blink in front of enemy and hit fast or be killed,and go where ur boomerang reach enemy first or be chased and get killed) should i need to change my gear or stick to this build? (Ctr dmg+/crt chance+/element damage+/deadlystrike and balance hp and mp for pve) because of my experience of playing lots of rpgs online and offline roque or assassin’s need only crt dmg unlike warriors/mage who need powers. So i only invest on my crt not on my power


use shock elements…