Its Soooo Hard!

600+ sapphires still no +5 STEALTH… :(cry: :cry:

make sure your doing it on an item for rogue class.

Im doing it on my Bow. 1800+ Sapphires down to 300+ atm, only got 1 +5 stealth and my fingers are aching. Im starting to getting pissed right now.

I think I remember reading that you couldn’t get main hand and off hand +5 abilities on the each other (nobody quote me on this and if anybody knows for a definate facy feel free too correct/confirm this) so I think you might be incapable of getting it on a bow

Heres definite fact and its on the crystal crafting restrictions thread to make sure, made by emman himself.

You can only add +5 offhand skill on an offhand and the armours. I know from experience because when I tried to get meteor 40, I couldn’t get meteor on orb but I got it on staff, robe, ring, head. Basically, the 5+mh skill can go on everything except (huge key fact) offhand weapon. For 5+oh skill, everything except the mainhand weapon can have that affix.

I don’t like it because it defy common sense but it is dq logic and this is dungeon quest. In some sense, it is almost like reality where one thing can be applied on weapon and armour but not the opposite weapon. For eg, one bullet is not compatible with every gun and in dqs case, mainhand can never activate an offhand ability so no adding it on mh.

Don’t like it but it is how it is.

So if he wanted 5+stealth on a bow, it just ain’t happening. Same with trying to get 5+ blinkstrike on vial but it just isn’t gonna appear. Read this thread before ever crafting. Crystal Crafting Restrictions

@CuzegSpiked : i use Meteor and Shatter to kill enemy . Is Multi Attack Affix work on Meteor ?

From the hero points skill yes for meteor. Ruby affix multi attack or zenith mythstone multi-attack only affect primary skill I believe. When you go above 10 meteor hero points, you get a first multi attack for meteor meaning everytime you proc or use meteor, there will always be 2 meteors. If you use actual skill with the meteor proc, you drop 3 meteors but without proc at all you drop 2 meteors instead of one. Above 20 meteor, you get 2+multi attack for meteor skill meaning you always summon 3 meteors from proc and with the skill. If you use skill and proc, I think it becomes 4 meteors. The highest amount of meteors you could summon from meteor 40 could be 4-5 I think. Not only more meteors but the hero point easily increase meteor dmg % pretty high. 40 meteor gives 200% dmg increase to meteor and a high spell size as well as maybe aoe range. Shatter at 20 is more than enough to stun alot with the stun and with the fear from aftermath.

Best bit of advice: test as much as you can and see the results. Aftermath builds can deal up to a billion or dmg and especially cool with poison. With the right affixes, you can go as high as you want. I managed to reach floor 700 with a high dps version of the aftermath build. Crushing blow is useful for floor 800+ or such like that though.

I don’t use meteor 40 because I sacrificed those 5+ meteor affixes for dps and just meteor 20 is usually more than enough for very high dps. Ignore resist is key for high dmg. Also weapon dmg, ed%, epic 5k ed affix (at least 1) and other things that give major dps boost for high dps. Even glasscannon is a good choice.

I’m planning to build a pure meteor-dependent set without aftermath…do you think this would even be possible to build with at least hundreds of millions of dmg? i’m asking you coz you’re the meteor god as they say :slight_smile: oh and how’s your arena standing? I haven’t been playing in a while so i haven’t much clue about the new patch

Oh I havent played arena in a month now so I dont actually know.

To answer your question, yes. Without aftermath though, it would be slow unless you use some other forms of movement to increase survival. Aftermath though is meant for movement,resetting cooldown, fear and taunt. Cronos made a hachimon build and based on it, you can make meteor be like the throwsword of a hachimon. Since it takes less affixes, you can simply focus on pure dmg and have meteor as your main skill. Meteor can get up to 850% dmg if you have meteor 20 (not including extra 20 because it wastes space for higher dps affixes such as glasscannon, ed%,5k ed, etc etc).

You will need a good way to survive and make sure enemy don’t get to you though. It would still take quite a few affixes to make you be able to avoid enemies eventually hitting you after that high dodge %. Ofc arc or cosmic orb are really good skills to snipe enemies but to make it effective like hachimon, you need to spam a skill like sprint for eg.

This could be good with frozen if you have high raw dmg or plagued but it all up to you. Green garden used meteor to get enemies but the meteor was best for poison dmg because its big and 750% dmg helps with the plagued+druidic+high regen+ed% and all combined along with that crater dmg. That is just one example and can still be easily done with throwsword or sprint or something.

Pure meteor build without aftermath is possible but tricky. I know rogues can use perma stealth and a pure meteor along with that high poison dmg from mayhem project build but thats all I can think of. Still think you should go with aftermath and rest op affixes but you will still need to use 1 slot for set, one slot for master mythstone, 2 slot for all sets and 2 slot for 50% meteor proc to guarantee shatter that is spammable, not to mention a replenishable mana source.

Anyway for a pure meteor build without aftermath, one thing any dps build should have or can have (wizards especially should have empower), at least 1 50% glasscannon, 2-3 ed%,nature 30% ed if the 5% ed is on all 6 gears, 225% crit dmg, 45% crit chance, rage to easily max crit dmg out (a rogue talent to add 200% crit over cap), at least 30% deadly strike, 30% dodge as survival and bonus with pathfinder for even higher dmg, 30% crushing blow if your objective is to go high floor indefinitely (really good if it occurs quickly), 100% or more elem crit(blight, blistering etc.), an 30% elemental crit legend affix if need be, if you are a move speed build, momentum, ice should be permafrost with frozen, poison as you know should be druidic, high regen (equivalence is good at that for mp regen) and plagued,

mythic like bombard/cosmic orb/ arc,nova/vanish, ruptured/brutal/exposed,energy/equivalence/discordance if you aim for discordance build like lohko for eg, harmony/ desperation if need be,sanctuary/empyrean and some more things to keep in mind. There are so many things.
Meteor can reach up to billions of dmg if you get it right. Throwsword had high dmg on hachimon build because he got the raw dmg high enough and frozen also multiplies it whenever enemies explode and freezing although he didn’t often use throwsword in that video. He often used sprint and that was also his main dmg. There are many great ideas though. You can also tamper with other element such as fire or shock to see if you like it for dmg. Crushing blow is key if you feel like wanting to reach extreme high floors.

Btw in new patch, arena is mostly fire and bleed. Campaign wise has got easier because of new items plus ascensions

Thanks a lot for all the info. Right now I’m crafting a build with permafrost,discordance and meteor as the ‘primary’. It’s hard to get survival and dmg as high as I can without under-affixing the other. This is especially harder to do becoz i’m only doing it in excel lol

Test test test! Thats all I can say. Develop your ideas before spending a round of crystals though. Only spend round of crystals when your just about 100% sure that the basic function and the high dmg works. Excel works. Cronos only used pure memory and look at him, a genius crafter. He will be the most legendary crafter the community has ever seen. Cronos advice though is to make completely new build and never copy in order to make dq more interesting and spice up the meta. As he said, the same thing or similar thing over and over again becomes boring and I completely agree with him. We seen that example in battle arena where everyone use fire/bleed and it so boring out there. Still use excel and plan as much as you can before you spend round of crystals and do so when you are confident. Test some combos though before actually making the build.

What I do want is the bash skill to be viable in the meta by possibly altering it to have more range. Bash has extremely high dmg for a primary skill. 400% base dmg plus extras from hero skill, crush talent, zealotry/weapon dmg and it could possibly reach 600%+ dmg. Sprint does at dmg in hachimon build already and it does only 150% base dmg. Bash is such a high dmging skill but problem is melee and too close to enemies lmao. I really want it revamped or see a build spam bash. Skilled can also increase the dmg too.

Btw meteor as the primary is kinda rubbish because it only does dmg of primary skill although there are ways to make it ok. Spamming meteor would do low dmg dmg unless you can make huge dmg for primary skill which in turn effects meteor. Problem with meteor is you have to be very close to enemies in range and the high dmg is crucial without discordance. Discordance meteor would be extremely tricky to use. The only reason why meteor does so well on its own is because aftermath make you spam it and it already have huge dmg.

That said, do try and prove me wrong. If you can do that, I commend you for your efforts. That said, Discordance ranged skills like twister is really good though if you can make it dmg alot and there are already a few great dps builds with discordance twister. Only thing is that you have to stand there or have to be on the move alot and avoid death. Crushing blow could go good with discordance twister and some raw dmg to finish off like a few B or Trillion dmg.

well i kinda paused the discordance meteor build for now. I’m trying to build for a rogue now becoz i’m planning to use a rogue when i start over with dq in a few months, maybe even years lol. But for sure i’d still use meteor even on a rogue just for the playstyle. I like the taunt on aftermath even if i won’t use shatter. I know i have no chance on making high dmg builds so i’m focusing on making builds for the sake of my playstyle(which is spamming giant meatballs haha).

I’m still gonna be trying to make a high dmg discordance build with meteor but i think i might end up with poison again if i really want high dmg on pve. and also my primary objective now is making a half tank half dps kinda build…