I've just made 1v1 eternal division 3

that is a tough decision. that +2 EAC in PVP is only taking up 1 space and gives good spike DMG. EAC also is doing 100% of the original attacks DMG, but you only have a 50% chance for the EAC.

Multi Attack +2 in PVP takes up 2 spaces, unless you have it on an Eternal Item. it gives you the extra attacks at the same time as your original attack, but the DMG is 50% of the original.

to be honest, if you are going to give up a space for MA, may as well keep the +4 EAC and just have 1 MA. or just do test to see if either way makes a better difference or not. that is 1 extra attack all the time with 50% DMG, with a chance for 2 extra attacks doing 100% DMG each.

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Cheers @Golem and @NUIQUE. I’m going to try both sets of ideas out . At least the skeleton of my build remains unchanged. Any any changes can be unchanged.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/PQGq7p5ttPIRb6IwDvVTjkUtHgTEttKtbcUIevcU4vy Funny Bad Wolf match. I hope you can see the video .It’s months old. I have a feeling it may only work on Amazon devices.

I finally won. Sorry @CuzegSpiked . What a match. It happend today.Back in division 3 testing @Golem s idea. Nice one pal. I don’t want a match with @ZOMBOY any time soon. Oh hello I just met two of his toons in 2v2 Bloody hell ! :joy:


@dickwad nice video!

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Thanks @Golem :grinning: I love my build but it’s a nightmare to play but when you see your minion army it makes me laugh.

i fought cuzegspiked toons on pvp i take too much blind on her rogue

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