I've just made 1v1 eternal division 3

that is a tough decision. that +2 EAC in PVP is only taking up 1 space and gives good spike DMG. EAC also is doing 100% of the original attacks DMG, but you only have a 50% chance for the EAC.

Multi Attack +2 in PVP takes up 2 spaces, unless you have it on an Eternal Item. it gives you the extra attacks at the same time as your original attack, but the DMG is 50% of the original.

to be honest, if you are going to give up a space for MA, may as well keep the +4 EAC and just have 1 MA. or just do test to see if either way makes a better difference or not. that is 1 extra attack all the time with 50% DMG, with a chance for 2 extra attacks doing 100% DMG each.

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Cheers @Golem and @NUIQUE. I’m going to try both sets of ideas out . At least the skeleton of my build remains unchanged. Any any changes can be unchanged.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/PQGq7p5ttPIRb6IwDvVTjkUtHgTEttKtbcUIevcU4vy Funny Bad Wolf match. I hope you can see the video .It’s months old. I have a feeling it may only work on Amazon devices.

I finally won. Sorry @CuzegSpiked . What a match. It happend today.Back in division 3 testing @Golem s idea. Nice one pal. I don’t want a match with @ZOMBOY any time soon. Oh hello I just met two of his toons in 2v2 Bloody hell ! :joy:


@dickwad nice video!

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Thanks @Golem :grinning: I love my build but it’s a nightmare to play but when you see your minion army it makes me laugh.

i fought cuzegspiked toons on pvp i take too much blind on her rogue

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@dickwad if I remember, it’s my farming build in arena

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Don’t underestimate the power of farming builds in the arena @DuDono :sunglasses: . Well I’m back to division 3. @Golem you may want to look at the leaders items :thinking:

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Deadly sins set with Crystal affixes. Ignore codex. Deadly sins bonuses also effect Crystal bonuses. I’m a deadly sins master. And the bonuses effect any pet you equip.

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The Bad Wolf is back.


just noticed the message about Orticio’s Seven Deadly Sins Build that got First Place in Division One Eternal League.

and congratulations on Division 3!

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I’m trying out my eternal trophies by switching alot. Thanks @Golem I made div 3 a couple of months ago but keep slipping in and out. Next thing to do is to take another toon to the same heights then pair it up with the bad wolf for 2v2.

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Slipped back to division 4 today again and now I’m back up to 3 yet again.

. I need to think :thinking: Still trying to get into eternal 2v2 eternal. oooh my highest position @Golem I think you need to make your deadly sins build. A crystalline deadly sins build suggests mathematics. And as your crafting options are very limited then I think it’s the very build for you to create.

Crystalline on 7d’s ? Maybe block, critical chance and damage, crushing blow and bleed damage. Get the bleed chance using scalp then add deadly strike. That gives you about one slot per item to craft ? Or how about this ? If you can override the penalties of the 7ds items ??? But if you have a fire element to the set then you get bleed from blistering :thinking: Nice fight @Bizarro_Stormy

@Golem I just peeked at our friend @NUIQUE battle stats … :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wow what a lot of fights that he/she has fought . I don’t think I have that much energy lol :roll_eyes: