JadeTan's Gift : REVISED ROGUE FARM BUILD★ (Balanced)

(Burst Guideshot;Laytrap)
✓Epiphany; Crushing Flames; Frozen
✓Elemental Crit (Ruby) 30%
✓Crushing Bow 70% (obsidian) x2
✓Block 75% (obsidian)
✓Dodge 75% (obsidian) x2
✓ All skills sa OH at MH
✓All luck natures
✓Glasscannon 100% x2
✓ Item Drops 200% x4
✓Movement speed 45% x3
Low floor? YES
High floors? YES :grin:
Comment your suggestion to improve my farm build. :harrypotterparrot:


up :harrypotterparrot:

is that for a Main & Hireling, or do you switch out some items for one Character against the tougher monsters, like the Legend & Mythic ones, and some of the Epic’s?

otherwise, it looks like a pretty good build.