Joystick change/reset with SAND pet


Using the legendary SAND pet with “Elements” the “boost shock” one. Currently, it’s nearly unplayable with it, very often, it will “reset” or change position while using this pet.

Currently on it:
Elements (set)
HP regen,
MP regen
MP on hit

Hi, when you say “reset” or change position, do you mean the pet or your character?

The character.

To be more exact. I mean it act as if my finger had released and replaced itself somewhere else, usually along the bottom. It’s only the button that makes the relative movement that changes position. So for instance, if the “joystick” was a bit above and my finger was downwards, my character would move downwards; but as the joystick suddenly “resets” to a new position downwards, my finger is now, relatively speaking, upwards from the center, so my character would start going upwards. But the actual position of my finger never changed.

You can change the settings for the vstick in options menu. You can change it’s size and make it ‘anchor’ to the side or ‘float’ based on where you put your finger. Give those a try and let me know if any of those help.

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Ohhh i know this bug, you have your controls on float and each time the pet levels up, it resets to anchor, and you have to let go of the screen and re-apply the float joystick to where is comfortable again.

this happens for me when either of my characters level up, not noticed that pets could affect this.
If you have the controls on anchor then youll never see this bug, but thats uncomforable for me :sweat_smile:

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Well, that would explain it, I got the pet at ilvl 42, but I made him level insanely fast, which is probably why i felt like it happened all the time. I guess it will stop once it hits lvl 100 then… Great news, thanks!

And yeah, i can’t stand anchor either. At least its a temporary problem though, i can deal with that.

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It’s a bug, not a problem with the settings as far as I know. But TeaCup (right above) seems to have correctly identified the bug. It will stop once it hits lvl 100 in any case.

Thank you.