Jurrasicshark’s Rogue Farming Build Guide

I’ve been playing this game on and off for a little while and have learned a lot from the build guides. I put together what I think is a fairly good rogue farming build, and wanted to share it with you all to give you another option for your builds. I don’t think it is too crystal intensive, but it may require some dust. I have played to lvl 750+ M3 without much difficulty, and it breezes through floors 400-550. Luck and item drops are maxed out or close to at 1012% and 245% respectively.

Here are my current items:

You get a fairly high damage output, and it really kicks up when collect gold, which is all the time.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions to make it better.

I cant view the images can you upload somewhere else?

Here are the picks now that I can post more than one:

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Much obliged good guy. Edit:you dont use a vial? U are more brave than others .)

I couldn’t find a vial that had % element damage. I had to use dust on wizard or warrior item (it unlocked at level 1000).

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It all looks good to me. Be sure your hireling has luck because as you well know it stacks up