Just curious.

Is Hunger Set affix will still effect if I partner it with Blood magic? :unamused:


I don’t have enough mythstone so I can’t try. :pensive:


I tried it!

The stats doesn’t show any changes in Attack Speed and CDR when Hunger set is equipped so I can’t tell honestly if its working with or without the Bloodmagic.


I don’t see how it could, since Hunger lowers MP and not HP. with Blood Magic, all you have is HP. of course, if Hunger considers your MP to be constantly at 0, then it should give you the bonus.

you would have to test a build with BM & Hunger against a build with only Hunger. just use Dust to get the items, take off any other affixes, and start testing. this is one reason I have some blank Items just for testing.


Well appreciated for the reply💜.


I’ve try this one but like I said, it nullified my Mana regeneration

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Hunger Set increases Attack Speed and Cool Down when MP is below 75%. when MP is above 50% it causes MP Heals to take away MP instead. MP Heals work normally when MP is below 50%. Hunger Set doesn’t nullify Mana Regeneration.

Aethereal Drain Set increases Elemental Critical and Mana while restoring the MP on Elemental Crits. it removes MP Regen. Aethereal Drain Nullifies MP Regeneration!

with AD Set, if your Elemental Crit is low, you wont get your MP back as much as you want. you could use one or more 250 MP on Hit or +1% to +5% of your base MP on Hit instead of MP Regen, or +50% or better Clearcast for MP free Spell casting on 50% or more of your Spells, making it easier to get back your MP for the other Spell you cast.


What I mean is that I’ve equipped a Blood Magic mythic and I can’t use my flintlock it’s because my Mana turns into 0


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just like the original poster. now we all know not to do that. and I have killed a few Builds putting things together that don’t work together. :sob: :crying_cat_face:


I’ve try this Hunger-BM build and it’s not working because if there’s a mana effect by Hunger sets itself then the CD and atk spd will work but then your MP turns to 0 and no regeneration effect then the sets (Hunger) are useless