Just dropped a legend najrodi ring. How shall I craft it?


Any suggestions please


Remove all the affixes except for 2+ all sets and maybe it for farm build, keep Nadroji. Although if you have a plenty supply of Elixir (I’m assuming you don’t) , you can remove the 2+ all sets legend affix.

Another item with 2+ all sets legend affix is the Frightening Choker rogue item with Haunting at floor 200 Mythic 3.


What build you gonna make and what’s your current build? This would go well with Nadroji bonus.


I’m currently making my hour of the Apocalypse build for all 3 character types. All have apocalypse weapons and legend items( with talent bonuses ) re crafted with differing set bonuses, different procs, epic 10 to a skill, crystal bonuses when I can shove one in. Empty socket in all items for elixirs (when I find some more). But definitely I want najrodi amulet and ring for all


use dust to craft it