Just got the Update on FireTV

I am trying to buy the premium stash, but when I click to purchase, I keep getting “An error occurred while processing your purchase” rather than a screen to choose if i want to pay with Amazon coins or with cash. Has this issue come up before? I know as far as with Amazon, I might be the first with it on that platform, as the update just happened a few moments ago (I was fighting a cartographer when it reset my screen back to the Amazon screen, where i saw a new icon, then opened to the update… so I lost that map, no big though, I wanted the update). Please look into this.

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The bug still seems to exist, both on FireTV, as well as on my Kindle HDX, but I got the premium storage by downloading the android version, buying it there, then uploading the game back to the server, then loaded the game on Fire TV, downloaded my account off the server, and presto, had the storage.

I am still a bit frustrated though, I can’t buy boosts through the fire tv, and dont feel like loading it on my phone each time to download my game off the server, make the purchase, then upload it back, then have to download back to the FireTV… a lot of hassle. Please correct the error, it will help the bottom line

I do love the Crystal and Mythstone storage… thank you for that

We’re looking into this, thank you for the report!

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everything should be up and running on amazon now.

I have 2.0 on FireTV, but I just tried to buy a boost, and it’s still erroring out. On 1.8, I was able to purchase boosts easily… in fact too easily :relaxed:

which boost is giving you an error? I went through all of these today and didn’t have an issue.

Tried the multi boost just now, and again erroring out

I see it, its multi boost! Should be fixed in the next 30 min.

Thanks for the heads up!

Crystal was just successful, will try others

Luck works
gold find works
mythstone works
pickup radius works

Thank you

shoot me your dq email address in pm