Just sharing my almost perfect customized pve build

This build is specifically build for warrior users.
But you can customize it and make this build for other class, just take note, this is best used in warrior.

So let’s start with the MainHand weapon. Lance is so great for mobility.
This MH weap is just pretty simple, if you had not looted an item with pickup radius affix ( item with eternalized/crystalline set ), it’s okay. You can replace that with any affix you wanted. The pickup radius is optional, same as other gears below, it is for side looting purposes paired with increased aoe radius charge skill and Wrath talent. The element is ice for safety purposes and we don’t want to 1hit any mob in our way. We just need to freeze them. The recommended special skill is storm for freezing a lot of mobs around your character with increased aoe. Also, we are making the item quantity max capped to gain more loots.

Maybe someone would ask if you are side looting while rushing floors and your pickup radius can auto collect them, and by 1hitting them makes them drop loots, is it okay to change this to fire element?
In this case, this requires changing element when you are near the boss/Cartographer/epic mobs. Fire can immolate and make you insta kill small mobs with crushing blow but you need them alive for easy killing of poweful mobs with Frozen set affix explosion effect.

The OH is just easy to craft.
You only need any OH you want, the OH type is also optional, but the OH special must be taunt for making the mobs closer and apply the effect of Frozen set. You must use taunt after casting storm with your MainHand weapon. The additional item quantity mythical affix percentage (Fortune) must be fixed and it is actually item drops for more loots. And the exp gain is optional, if your character is at max level, then you could replace it with anything you want, same as in the MainHand weapon.

Like what I just said earlier, this build is customized. This has different exchange gears for specific purposes. The only fixed gears are the MH weapon, OH weapon and amulet.

Let’s start with hybrid flooring and looting chest and ring.
20200524_220130 20200524_215953
Obviosly, the chest is from the Crushing Flames set from mage’s eternal legendex, I just crafted and converted it to warrior class with Jasper. The elem crit chance is pretty good for easier CF effect triggers.
The ring has hunter in it, for ofc, we are still looting items from powerful mobs, and also for feats and heroic points. We just need to lure them out with some small mobs. The mythstone slot has item quantity mythstone (Fortune) for additional item drops. The talent in chest doesn’t really matter.

The pure looting and farming (specifically gold) are these customized chest and ring. I recommend equipping these in floor 200 maps or higher floors where you can do infb dmg to mobs.
20200524_220318 20200524_220257
These chest and ring does a big role in getting a lot ot loots by increasing the enemy rarity (Nadroji Bonus). The higher the rarity of the mobs, the more loots you can acquire by killing them. Another thing is you will have a 75% ultra rare legends find with these chest and ring.

Another customized thing in this build is the helmet.
One is for crystals looting, one is for dusts looting and last is for mythstone looting. The talent fustigate which adds 30% stun chance is also pretty useful but you have freeze chance anyways.

How this works? Crystalline set adds crystal drop rarity percentage per rank and with the help of additional aoe range and pickup radius, you can destroy a lot of destructibles and immediately collect those loots including crystals. Also increases the crystal legend drop chance. And also by converting a crystal legend item, you will get an additional ultra rare crystal.

How this works? Eternalized set gives eternal legend drop chance per rank and by salvaging 5 ete legend item, you will get 100 dusts. If you are motivated/active enough at farming, you can get at least 1k per day.

How it works? Mythical set gives additional mythstone drop rarity percentage per rank. Having this equipped will obviously give you a higher chance getting ultra rare mythstones. Destructibles also drops mythstones, so side looting while rushing in hiking floors will give you better stones.

The last piece is just a powerful amulet from Epiphany set that can be crafted from mage’s legendex.
Epiphany makes our every stats exceed the limit by percent per rank and it’s very useful (specifically for luck and gold find). Also talent wrath will probably have an increased aoe range for side looting (crystals and mythstones) from destructibles.

The pet is also optional but must have a luck and gold find affix in it to reach the maximum capacity and increase it with Epiphany.
My pet is Simba which hoards items to make them a better item. I enabled only collect legendary in options for Simba to hoard the items till he make them legendary. (I assumed that Simba is boy haha)

This build obviously shows how powerful Crushing Flames set is.

The stats points are not needed anymore, maybe just a design.
The natures are four Luck and two Greed to reach the max cap.
Heroic skills: charge, taunt, fortune are max, the surplus are of your choice.

I used a lot of aoe range and pickup radius for safety and side looting while rushing floor hiking.

Although this build is almost perfect, making this will cost a lot of crystals, mostly rubies in my case. But it’s worth it. Happy looting/farming/flooring guys.

Just kill 'em or leave 'em.


How I crafted them?

First, I made the items ready, either crafted from legendex or looted directly.
The pickup radius in MH could not be rolled by ruby, we need to loot or craft an item that has pickup radius. In my case, I just managed to keep one and use it. Same with Epiphany set in the amulet, it is not obtainable with Amethyst, I just crafted it with dust.
The Nadroji pair is obviously must be looted or crafted from legendex.
The head gears must also be looted or crafted.

After getting those ready, I just removed the useless affixes with kyanite including set affix in MH, OH, and the non-nadroji ring.

Then I applied 4 zircons in those head gears, ring ang amulet for mythical skills.

Next is putting cyan affixes. But before I put cyan affixes, I just added epix affixes with topaz, epic affixes that is also obtainable with obsidian, to make them not obtainable anymore since I can not add same affix at same item, add those affixes till only one extra slot for affix is left. In this case, I have now a higher chance of getting the cyan affix I want and the choices is now decreased by one.
For example: I added epic affix hp%, it will not appear in the cyan affix choices.

After having cyan affix, I applied rubies to have item quantity, aoe radius, elem crit dmg, elem crit chance on the gears.

The sets for MH and ring are obtainable with amethyst (Crushing Flames) so there’s no problem with them.
The Frozen set is only obtainable in rogue items so I have to unequip it, apply Jasper to change it to rogue class item, and apply amethyst to get the Frozen set, and Jasper it back to warrior class item.

Then special skills, nature, talent, heroic skills customization followed.

The pet customization is pretty expensive but luckily, I only need gold find and luck which are easy to roll so it’s fine.

These are all easy to type in but very expensive, but worth it.


In what way is that an almost perfect?

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This build is my only all in one build but customized.
It can be a floor hiking build and farming build at the same time.
Almost perfect because it is a hybrid build but has some customizations and specific conditions for specific purpose.
For example, you are rushing in floor hiking but you want to collect crystals while doing it, you must equip the customized gear for floor hiking (the floor hiking chest and ring pair above) and the helmet for crystal farming (the helmet with Crystalline set).

So this is how both floor hiking and crystals farming work.

The customized chest and ring pair gives you the ability to easy kill a small horde of mobs, specifically the mobs around Cartographers/powerful mobs by freezing them with storm skill and using taunt with fire to immolate them and crush them (with 7 Crushing Flames rank) while frozen, and the Frozen set effect will apply afterwards. That’s for the floor hiking

The crystal looting is just a side looting, while rushing charge towards Cartographer, the destructibles around you will be destroyed immediately with increased aoe range of charge and wrath talent. After destroying destructibles, your pickup radius will just auto collect them. Also collects orbs around you so this will be another benefit of side looting, for the feats.


So here’s how the customized floor hiking and crystal looting hybrid works.


Over all, a 9/10 build sir, well done!

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Thanks for the ratings.


Awesome @Illuzion very I like your farming thank you for sharing you are a great now I think. Nice welcome bck to play on it again. :heart:
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I am resting for now. My sleeping time just dropped to 3hrs per day, playing a lot of games including DQ.
Thanks btw for the compliment.


Is that build is rlly high dmg Bil. Dmg with elemental dmg but first of all i will copy this build for loot and hiking floor and thanks dude for sharing​:open_mouth::open_mouth:


This build mainly uses crushing blow chance and crushing blow dmg with the effect of Crushing Flames set. And when dealing with powerful mobs, we just need to gather around small horde for higher dmg with the help of Frozen set explosion effects.

This is now my permanent build for anything I want in pve. Just with some customizations.

It suits any floor you wanted. The high billion dmg could appear around floor 1k. The dmg numbers being shown depends on the floor.

You’re welcome btw.


10/10 for me… :face_with_monocle: thank you for sharing @Illuzion


You’re welcome @ZURCRAM.

what’s up RAEG @Illuzion ? I can’t see your name in the arena anymore. were you removed? :innocent: