Just some feature suggestions

hey guys :slight_smile: these are just some ideas that i have. I shared them in the DQ discord and now i’ll share them here aswell. Now i definitely know that most if not all wouldn’t be implemented it’s still nice to get some new ideas.

maybe throwing in some new / old vanity sets into arena chests would be interesting

also adding special “perks” like if you have a full mythic build you’d get a bonus ( example : 200% mythstone rarity ) or for eternal ( example : 200% increased eternal drops above cap ) or something that would make more players lean towards using all of a certain rarity.

adding a new class would also be very fun , although i do understand they are working on DQ2 so it most likely wouldn’t happen. It would be interesting to see what you could do with a new class, such as ; priest , or a buff style character (would be used as hireling to buff main toon) or just new toons that you can use to spice up the game.

new battle arena gamemodes // limited events
specific element only arenas
powerups (damage-ups, defense-ups)
natural traps / things that damage you in battle arena.
something to stop people from sitting in the back spraying flintlock or barrage :wink:

Let me know what you guys think! Feel free to add ideas of your own