Just wanna say

Man this is by far the most advanced phone game ive played yet reminds me so so much of diablo 2 thanx guys i am 3 days in hittin 1.03 m crit d with my idk zerk build haha im gonna leave summoners war for dQ no lag period in arena bu i do have some in dungeouns when storm and blight proc

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welcome enjoy the game :smile:

enjoy the game happy gaming :smiley:

New user here also, approaching lvl 90 on my home made living force/ explosive arcane orb / teleport wizard that works wonders so far.
Cant wait to start grind and make up items from bottom up, awesome game :smile:

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welcome too :smile: enjoy the game happy farming

so my phone got shattered now ive lost the cbaractrers the slot ive purchased and would at least like the slot back didnt upload the character so I know im screwed there but can the dev plz at least give my slot back I am logged into same acct

Hit restore purchases and that should fix your issue if it doesn’t I’m sure support would be more then happy too help you this is their email support@shinyboxgames.com

thx tried that still didnt work my phone was broken before I ever got a chance toupload my original character but looks like they would recognize the purchase