Just watched an item affix change

Due to my playing on two devices I am going to have to take an actual picture of the item in question. First on the tablet with my old save from an hour ago. Second pic from the tablet I play on as a main.
I was looking to lower my dps and raise my luck as I haven’t found a legendary in hours at mythic 1 on floor 140+.
I switched to mythic 3 floor 140+ and after an hour have yet to find a legendary either. So I switched to a piece of epic robe I had that looked like this

This is what it looked like before I put it on.
Once I put it on it changed to this

Changed right before my eyes…
Any idea what’s happening here?

Only 1 X affix can exist in 1 item. for your robe. u have 2 luck affix. so it will get auto fixed by item checker. it replace 1 of your luck affix witj empty socket.

Ah gotcha. Makes perfect sense. Now to figure out why legendaries have stopped dropping.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For legend item drop.
Theory 1: RNG God hate u.
Theory 2: U unlucky
Theory 3: U have luck, Item Drop eth but again RNG god troll u.
Theory 4: Dont have proper farming build.

1 will be correct for u lol. currently i farm like usual around 4 legend drop per map…

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7 hours at mythic 1 farming at floor 140+ followed by 1hour at mythic three with extremely high luck on my toon with no legendaries… Id say either 1 like you say or somethings wrong with my download.

Buy some from the shop is one way to get some rare legends. But as cronos stated u may need to setup it build differently. Also u can go down a few more floors An try it on mystic 3 an buy some challenge maps to raise your luck abit as well.

I’m on floor 150 at mythic 3 with a total of 765 luck. Not dying and flying through the levels. Just no legendaries.
I’m I using crystals to get my luck up as high as possible. See if that helps.

Running maps did help but I tend to die a lot more and my hirling does too and that can be costly.

Might just be a dry spell. Starting my runs now. If I have another dry day I’ll post up my gear and stats and see if it’s my builds.

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RnG has his good days an bad days. I went a few days without finding anything good.