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Why is it that ed% affixes and wd% affixes are mostly found in wizards class?? I want to have ed% affixes on all of my 6 gears. But its hard to find all of those. And im using rouge. Why dont we give some love on rouge users devs??? :slight_smile:

you can get aether cover (cap) and aether warp(leather), insolence trap (oh), mutiny (mh), glinting slicer (mh), cognition (ring), frightening choker (amulet) they all have Legendary ED% in 400+ floor m3. then use crystal jasper ^^~

But its hard to find that items specially if you are not a wizard class. What im pointing is, wizard class has the most useful sets of items as compared to other classes.

Best way to find Rozenzi (Rage set affix). Can u please help me ?

Rogue has that haunting amulet with 100% ED. Also has a Masochist weapon with 100% WD and the mashocists gear with push the limit like most classes. Also it has 100% for Trap which can be turned into horn/skullshields which is very powerful. Hunger set is very useful in reducing CD, increasing attack speed and if combined with mythics like energy or so, you can create quite a lot of dmg.

Warrior has masochist gear but they also have the elements set with gear that has 100% ED on sword which can be on Chakram and staff as well as a 100% ED on shield which can be on orb or bomb. The dream gear I wished for in 2.1 to that extent. Also they have axe with 100% WD or ED which can easily turn into a powerful gauntlet. Also they have the berserker gear for more barbarian set , more wd% and also the berserker set which is good in its way when used right.

Still, it does seem like what you said that wizard gets more item with ED% but defiant items for all class get fair amount of ED%. However that doesn’t matter as long as you can use the Jasper crystal and change the class of the item to your own needs. The wizard does have Cerebral Vortex though as well as mayhem and epiphany legend. Warrior has seven deadly sins legend but that’s a different story entirely. All class have farming weaponsike eternalized and crystalline weapons which also have ED% as a fair amount. It’s really a matter of perspective.

All I can say is keep on farming the other classes to get the items you need. Make sure you get very high item drops, high luck and gold find. Get as much jaspers or other rarer crystals as possible.

What about “perma stealh” does this ability still exist?
I have cristal afix 45 cd + epic 15 cd and still have 6.4s cd with around 5s stealth duration

Pls help

Well it’s not permanent stealth anymore so you’d have to make your build a bit more careful when it’s in non stealth mode and use sanctuary. In stealth, it would work but you’d need 50% dodge for 100% dodging effectiveness. I mean you could also use hunger set as well if you’d like to make sure it’s perma stealth like the old days.

Thanks @CuzegSpiked
At least sanctuary can use d as back up within 1.4s cd lol

Lvl. the Stealth in Heroic lvls. Max it or above 25

min lv 40 alr, with stealth duration ard 5s