Kachan’s Gift: Full burst ricochets build for PVP!

Hi everyone! I know some of the players here in forums doesn’t know me. Cus im playing dungeon quest without using a forum account for a years:joy:

Kachan loves tank or battlemage builds as you didnt notice. Kachan’s ai always using a warrior(HDR) on our meta. But that thing happened and a meta of pvp changed a lot since mp absorb is not working on alchemy anymore.

So i thought myself… what if i build a diffirent one? Im so tired playing tanks on pvp. So i did this forbidden ricochet experiment build…
This build inspired me of flasher the first crafter of this build.



Offhand - use amber to change the off hand special skill for timewarp.
alternative off hand(for ricochets vs ricochets purpose only)



image this is a gasp of terror ring, the reason why it turn into epic gear, bcous of quartz. If you use quarts on legend item. The name of the item will be vanish and the gear will turn into epic gear. *Epic!*:ok_hand:

image i think 90% of the player on division 3 to 1 is using this set.:joy: who dont love the new mythitech set?:rofl: its pretty OP. Once you got in it on your burst dmg craft will turn into a demi god mode dmg as well.:joy:


Ps. I dont really craft a dmg burst crafts. Im just playing the game, wasting some stuffs to craft and teach it to my friends.:joy: but yeah… here ya go. Hope you guys like it.:kissing_smiling_eyes:



Testing on dummy image|690x387

PVP SHOTS!:kissing:.


Great build @anon99134475 (Kachan) --> be aware that huge damage gains from Mythitech bug will not be available much longer.


Oh. Sounds good to me.(deep inside </3) oh i havent used it often on arena and i didnt know that the godly dmg is from a bug D: But its fine with me. Sounds fair.:grin: im just starting to love using this forum.:joy: thats why i shared one of my craft.

Good job Kachan. :confetti_ball: Big numbers out there.


thanks! I Love those numbers.:joy::ok_hand:

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so do you have 1750 hp only? cause you don’t have any hp affixes their.

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Nice ricobuild chan! Another build to be burried when mythitech will be fixed

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Nah im using it rn. Im on top. I think they fixed the bug cus i updated my dq app lately… But not nerfed that much.:joy: im so happy to this build. Its amazing tbh.:joy:

EDITED: not sure… i notice my dmg doesnt change that much when i update my app on ios.


Yes.:grin: just think… if you’re using a very long range burst build. Its kinda waste of slot if you use your free slot on hp and mp just to balance it… no matter how many hp you have. You’re just a 2hits on every tank if they reach you… but thats my opinion on my build i also respect those 1st ricochets users which, have a 10k+ hp. I think they have their own reason to that…


IOS update is not out yet. The other updates are out. Like I stated before, expect major changes to that set. The last IOS update was from a little over a week ago where the Dev updated the drop rates on the ultra rare sets.


Ohh… i see. Thanks for letting me know.:sweat_smile::grin:


Wow it so nice rechochit do you haved awesome But I steel sir’:sweat_smile: now same as your rechochit’s but not the same affix using on a gear.

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I love it.:heart_eyes: