Kill Enlaver Feats

Damn! I been farming enslaver for almost 5mos now but still no eternal pet even I’m already wearing a perfect farming gear! Why not put another feat? e.g. 1000 (750/Accomplised Perk) enslaver kill = 1 eternal pet? So our effort won’t be wasted. Don’t tell me the RNG gods hates me Lol…

use full eternalized set (8) then kill enslaver it will give a little chance to get a eternal pet lol even I the RNG hates me a lot and give me a slime eternal lol

I already did but only (6) Eternalized… Hopes pet rarity drop rates can be affected by luck next time.

hope the RNG will be on your side next time you kill enslaver :blush:

Been farming pets 6 months. Only got 3 eternal pets and all are slime. Using max farming gear with 650% eternal. Good luck out there :smile:

Well, if that’s it then RNG is really trolling at you big time. Just farm and farm and don’t forget to always wore your Eternalized Gear. The chance is very low so, be more patient and you’ll get it soon enough. Quick tip. To increase the chances of getting use Eternal Map combined with Monster Spawn boost (100% Enslaver Chance) for every feat. completion of Enslavers Kills.

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Big tip for your enslaver killing adventures. If ever you get monster spawn boost by any means (ad boost video, Google play quests or purchasing), farm at floor 2 and constantly aim for enslavers only. It’s the quickest way I’ve found to complete the feat. I completed the enslaver feat twice in a month because of that (took 3 hours and 30 dq minutes). Even in 5 mins you can get 5 pets saved or 6. Eternal pets will be rare though but just keep on farming hard. I only learnt that recently.

Yes pets are effected by luck so the higher the luck, the higher chance of legend pets (I gained 5 in a row to kill 2 enslavers plus a few extra).

Higher eternalized will help (eternalised 6 replacing Nadroji set affix for eg). I did luckily get an eternal pet called spike though but it’s not as impressive affixes.The real challenge is getting a good eternal pet but getting a good legend pet is a better priority as it’s slightly easier.

Just keep on farming until you get something you want is all we can say. More hours of course helps if you have the time to spend but that’s up to you.


Thought enslavers only spawned from lvl 20?

enslavers will start spawn at floor 2

Allright. Thank you:)

welcome :wink:

Really helpful :slight_smile:

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never aim for good eternal pet affixes bro​:joy: i’ll tell you they’ll always suspect you of cheating​:joy::joy::joy:

Dude, since i create my acount, i never got a eternal pet, i got 1 last weak, but waz from acomplisments on codex, and the pet is shit (bane)!

lately i got another one,my second one😂 it was eternal stitch with good affix,well i wish nobody would doubt about that pet or i’ll slap them with my reciept of monster spawn boost i bought for it😄

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Monster spawn boost isn’t proof … just sayin. Lol

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yeah youre right it aint a proof but a hint that you hunt it legally​:joy::joy: some people would always criticize how you get something like that,something like this that they didnt get​:joy:
people nowadays are crazy​:joy::joy: well yeah im crazy too hahahah

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