Killing the Cartographer

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I know that killing the Cartographer remove skyfall because we can, obviously, see it.

So does killing the Cartographer removes good affixes that we can get on a map like pack size, gold find… and shrine effects :question:

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Tip: Use Larimar on map to remove skyfall before playing it.

Hmm thanks dude, and yeah I know that trick. :wink:

I think the important thing here is to NOT kill the cartographer. Skyfall as I have noticed is a nuisance. But it brings good loot! An all too perhaps obvious dilemma, perhaps done on purposs. Thanks for the mention. Definitely food for thought.

Which drugs you have been on?


Lol I might ask you the same question. Cause I just drink beer. Cheers!!! And yes, during skyfall the loot is immense. Try it some time. OR race through it. Your choice, always has been.

Kinda like when they have pack size. Here, have a beer on me! Lol

Lmao, you must be kidding me. If you’re not, then you should read skyfall description.

I thinks its just RNG lmao. Skyfall is just a nuisance xD sometimes the game can play tricks on yaaa xD

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Ikr. But good thing nothing at floor 200 hurts my character . Tired like I’m drunk even if I’m not. I know skyfall doesn’t actually give benefits but it does look cool when farming and loots and RNG does play tricks on ya.

I’m betting the Cartographer can hurt you on floor 200. That is if you don’t hurt the Cartographer first. :smile:

Carto is e z


Agreed xD

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