Kindle fire update?

I have a kindle fire, and it says I still have an older patch. Will kindle for automatically update soon? I’m anxious to try the new material!

Yes! The update is coming :slight_smile:

We’re still in review for Amazon and Apple, and we’ll release them as soon as they pass :smile:

Great! You people created a landmark game, with great diversity. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! :grin:

Thank you!!

Hopefully amazon will be ready in the next few days! I emailed them to see if they could push us through a bit faster as well :wink:

So any word on that update I can no longer get at my characters or sign in

Yeah, it has been out since last weekend.

You should be able to update now

Yeah that’s not happening I made a complaint to Amazon unless you have any suggestions I would be glad for the help

Hmmmm, checking on my end! Will report back in a few.

Version code 142342353
Version name
File size 44 MB

That looks the be the correct version number from my end.

When you try to access the DQ Account system you are getting the “upgrade available” message?

Yes then I go the Amazon apps and there is no update available

Can you do this:
Go to your kindle/fire tv “Settings” app
Press on Manage Applications
Choose “Dungeon Quest”
tell me the version it lists there.

Crud…I think I may know the issue.

Are you using a 2011 (gen 1) or 2012 (Gen 2) Kindle Fire tablet?

I think 2011

I take it that my tablet I out dated and I wasted a ton of money on your game for nothing thanks so much for the update

I do have a solution for your issue and I will DM you with the details in a bit. I have to get some stuff set up on my side.

If there isn’t anything else I will close this post.

Thanks for supporting and playing Dungeon Quest!