Knightscharge skill bugged?

Is it just my device that trigger the bug on the knightscharge skill or its with the game it self? Im using Samsung Tablet SM-T285 (2016) to play. When i use the skill knightscharge on bulks of mobs game slows down and freezes. I already did uninstall and reinstall the game, lowered the graphics disabled the shadows. Already did test on iPhone 6 and same thing happen when using that specific skill.

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I made the mistake of using lv40 taunt in a open field with 130+ pack size floor 1500+, i thought my phone was gonna explode :rofl: I have a Samsung phone but knightcharge has never done that to me

im just farming on mythic 3 floor 200 so mobs, before it happens on wizard using the meteor skill now its on knightcharge. Workaround i did is add explosion affix on my warrior so i can easily kill the mobs and patience for myself while waiting on my phone to respond :sweat_smile:

Go to options and set: no dmg numbers <—Below gameplay. Otherwise there are too many mobs and too many different kind of damage between your active and the hireling at the same time, if so you need to set less type of damage, example new piece without meteor, remove the proc if any, etc. There are instance in which as you play, your tablet or phone is downloading, upgrading or has some open screens in the background which make the same slow effect, you could just turn off Wifi for a while and check, or close those background screen, etc. And sometimes is the internet velocity. You could also go on campaign only with the main and use the skill with few mobs, no packs, and check it out, isn’t suppose to slow you or freeze which show that the skill isn’t bugged.