Lack resources

You need to repair your resources on your flintlock (arena) dude

Nick Whoever


Is nuique is the whoever? He inspires me a lot to get EBV, I think he ment low resources for higher dmg of the blood magic. He is Geratina. Maybe he came back to play again in arena if their is new reward in pvp lvl. It fascinated me most nuique stats in arena he is like lordzoro but, can’t compare to nuique maybe he is lvl54 in arena now as I estimated or, 57. Lordzoro had 10k wins but, have 5k lost

I meet your rouge in my recent game. It irritates me, it can knock my we wizard quickly. Your always the only one that beat me and, Atty TCC. With momentum set nice idea. And my good news today is I just recently figure out how whoever ricochet build was made out I completely solve the puzzle and, wizard apocalypse build. BM wizard can’t defeat too easy with apocalypse build it always more chances of losing

My flintlock counter another flintlock in arena,if you wanna make flintlock like Whoever,i Will tell you the recipes…it have the same stats

This is nuique stats

It’s alright from me now about my latest ricochet build but, it’s still ok we will share our knowledge. Probably I noticed it can’t cast out Timewarp at the second time even clearscast can’t run because, can’t cast mana

What’s your lvl in arena right now?


I can break @NUIQUE record but, not in 2vs2

you just have to fight more… :smile: .

If only thier’s only an additional arena lvl reward on 50 plus. Possibly Ascendent aura in 40 Fallen aura at 45. and if 46+ will grant to choose any vanities from old seasons of every piece that was gone long ago in each lvl tell 50 including Halloween vanities to pick. It would lovely nice to hear it will called the bunos box of extinct item rewards or, it will be purchased