Just want to share my idea regarding leaderboard especially in floor climbing. Let’s be real there’s no person can go 2billion floor. Why don’t they do a system where in the leaderboard will automatically reset every week to see players who’s still active and still pushing for floor level. Also set a rule in leaderboard floor level. Min requirement is in mythic 3 maps. Actually they have a reason to ban those kind of players who are considered as cheater. And remove their name on leaderboard. And when will this game will get another update? You can set this game playable only online now. Since every place now a days have wifi even on a third world country where I live have data access so you can monitor those who are cheating.
Sorry if my english is not fluent.

I agree with this idea. But the reason the game has not recieved an update recently is because they are working on a difrent game right now and are spending all their reasources on that. They plan to come back after they get that game on its feet.