League bug

We need to have a new patch… 2.1 has many bug even in environment

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Nope, your devision 6, theyre devision 0… Im not sure how it works because im too lazy to fight endless waves of the same kinds of build, over and over until i reached number 1 spot for a few minites only to repeat the process again only half an hour later to get back to first place again. But i do know that your in a lower devision

Also noticed im in that picture :innocent: since when was i eternal league though? :joy:

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About your “bug”. How about to inform yourself, instead of requesting a new patch?

About the game development (especially the bold one) and your request for a new update due “too many bugs”:

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In 2.0 I can view them i’m on top 50 but now my rank was deceased…
I better kill first to this enemy to climb in division 0…

Thanks for your reply bro

Just had to go that extra distance to me refia :stuck_out_tongue: , cant complain with the support you give though :slight_smile:

As a heads up, we are starting a new season in a few days (steiger will post the details) this WILL result in a reset of all battle arena rankings.


Will there be any permanent benefits (cosmetic or otherwise) from having placed in league “x” during the first season?

Arg! So we only have a few days to unlock those auras? Or they’ll be available for unlock in the new season too?

We will have new vanity items for this season as well as the Season 1 vanity items.

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“As well as”… so will the Season 1 vanity items ALSO be obtainable in Season 2? Or just the new items, and the Season 1 items remain a perk just for those who earned them in Season 1?

Sorry for not being more specific :slight_smile: “the season 1 vanity items will also be attainable in season 2”

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